Saturday, October 30, 2004

Star Wars Masks

Remember when Weetabix(?) had the cut out Star Wars masks printed on the back of the boxes? No need to remember as they are here for you to print, cut and wear. They come from the 1983 Book Of Star Wars Masks and look very similar to those on the Weetabix packets anyway so they'll do.

They are supposed to be for Hallowe'en but I reckon the Newcastle Star Wars Wedding might be on after all. ;)

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Friday, October 29, 2004

Evil Clown

It's a well known fact that clowns are evil (or at best slightly disturbing) and contrary to popular belief it is children's fear of them that has lead to the decline of circuses in modern times rather than hippies' concerns about Chipperfield's Monkey Spanking Show. Probably.

So what better time than the run up to Halloween to remind yourself of how scary a clown can be. The Evil Clown Generator is a Flash clicky random thing lets you create erm... evil clowns.

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Wedding linkdump

A post in honour of wor kid mmChronic and his good lady

Star Wars Wedding.

More Star wars wedding pictures.

And more.

Listen out for the bells.

Ethnic and Cultural Wedding Traditions.

Wedding Trivia and Facts.

Weird weddings.

Wedding pranks.

A Lego wedding cake.

Approved venues for weddings in Newcastle.

and finally...ic Newcastle:Tying the knot with a twist.

Yay! Happy Birthday Us!

Sorry about the lack of tunnel reporting, I was going to surprise you all with a birthday report, but I was too busy smoking the soapbar at the roller disco last night to finish it. Who knows, maybe I'll finish it for our second birthday... ;)

I bring you Eminem's video Mosh which has trickled out on to tinterweb in the last few days, but now it's on msn, so you can watch it.
Coming from Eminem's forthcoming album 'Encore' is his most potent anti-Bush statement yet - 'Mosh'. Eminem, one of the world's most high-profile rap superstars, makes his anger clear.

The video features live action and animation and in an animated part of the video, the rapper is seen mocking some of Bush?s biggest gaffes ? including reading a book upside down. The stark and dark video ends with a message urging the American people to vote - watch it exclusively here.
I'm off for the weekend, so I'll see y'all monday. Have a nice weekend. :)

p.s. And if anyone fancies a flash mob style pub quiz next week to celebrate our birthday, then I'll organise it for Tuesday. I think it's the Chilly Arms.. I'll check monday and let you know. Pencil it in your diaries. TTFN!


New Links is one year old today! As you can see the style has changed from a fairly simplistic linkdump to the outpouring of linkage and drivel that is New Links today undergoing 3 or 4 redesigns on the way.

High points, for me anyway, were the New Links trips out (with follow up reports - we may yet see the long awaited Victoria Tunnel report which is only 181 days late at time of writing!), getting quoted very succinctly on the Wired Mac site about the UK iTunes pricing policy (with the ensuing mass debate) and getting the On This Day Hack into the Blogger Hacks section.

I think I'll post a Countdown Corner How To later to celebrate. I'd do it know but I'm off out to see Shark Tale soon.

GTA Out Now

But not just the San Andreas based sequel - there's also a NES GTA version. Someone called Brian Provinciano has created a version of GTA3 (or the Portland part of it at least) and released it as Grand Theftendo! You'll need an emulator to play it.

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Firstly congrats mmChronic on your good news. I can feel a special link dump type post coming on for tomorrow. I hope you have told everyone else by tomorrow morning :)

The ultimate Halloween costume, that is if you fancy getting shot dead.

One for Scooby...Free Game World.

This weekend i will be mostly getting drunk with Newcastle Brown Ale flavoured Ice Cream.

Pet costumes for Halloween. Class.

Parking: Battle of the Sexes. Thanks to Christine for this one.

Just who do us Brits want in the White House.

Hair Bear Web. All your old favourites here including The Banana Splits, Hong Kong Phooey and Wacky Races and more.

On a similar subject...Trumpton. showing my age here kiddies. :)

Grey Busters. Bringing colour to your desktop. Cool.

Today's weird eBay item...referee Mike (mother) Riley.

Gallery of mousetraps. I wonder if anyone does cat traps.

Funny Pictures. Limecat is not pleased.

Air Raid Sirens. Get your headphones out.

One for Our Man In Hanoi. Live show downloads form the internet archive including Billy Bragg.

Vote for your favourite music t-shirt. My fave has got to be the Inspiral Carpets "Cool As F*%k" t-shirt.

Thanks to blogywood and j-walk

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Firefox Release Candidate 1 out now

Firefox Release Candidate 1 is out now and can be downloaded from here. It hasn't made it to the Firefox front page yet so you may want to wait until then if you want a nice interface to download from instead of a raw directory listing.

The official release is scheduled for November 9th.

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So who couldn't be bothered... stay up for the eclipse last night? You can count me in the lazy majority. These people could be bothered though - here's a Flickr lunar eclipse gallery. There are some incredible images in there.

I don't think anyone has mentioned Flickr on here yet though it has been out a while - that will change. Expect a writeup soonish. It offers various advantages over the Picasa hosting we currently use.

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Morning All

- Vintage Technology.

- Celebrity Death Pool.

- 20 Strange ways to save money. Number 1 was staggering, number 3 was hilarious and 16 is downright disgusting and i might try number 20 next time i'm in the library. :)

- German engineers come up with the bright idea of combining the power of 24 chainsaw engines fed into a 5-speed Harley-Davidson transmission.

- One for That book i was telling you about the other day.

- Pet Helmets. Entirely safe for work. Snigger.

- Let me sleep.

- Bizarre stuff to make in your kitchen.

- The Official Ninja Website.

- Top 15 biblical ways to get a wife. Class.

- Lego Rubik's Cube.

- Images from Science.

- J-Walk Blog: Freak Show. Make sure you are not eating when you click this link. Some NSFW images.

- Funny picture. Killer cat. See, i do have a heart.

- Someone receives a slightly damaged PC through the post.

- Did you ever wonder where some of the old cliches came from?

- And finally..Domino artwork.

Thanks to coolios, weirdlinks, awelshview, snarkyspot

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

One for Patrick

There's a total lunar eclipse tonight visible from just about everywhere. One small problem - there's a good chance of cloud cover in Europe which might make viewing it a little difficult. This page comes to the rescue with links to various webcams with more information about the eclipse and how it happens. There's also extensive linkage which is where I found the time info.

The start of the eclipse is scheduled for 1:06am locally (BST (GMT+1)). I may have cocked the times up as the clock fiddling always confuses me so more timezones and the times for various phases here.

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Manchester City match report and black and white and read all over have posted their match reports from the cracking Man City game. Shame I missed it. Bugger.

Make a Difference Day

It's Make a Difference Day this Saturday and I will be mostly picking clarts out of the Ouseburn and retiring to the Cluny for a pint afterwards. Meeting point is The Ouseburn Resource Centre, 53, Lime Street , Newcastle upon Tyne 10.30 a.m.
You will need rubber gloves, wellies (some may be available) and old clothes, prefereably water proof, and a love of mud and supermarket trollies. The tide comes in at 1ish so don't be late!

Balance for pussy lovers

As we've had a bit of a run on cat torturing posts recently here's a pussy lover's site to ensure our pussy loving readers get something nice to read for a change. How sweet.

What is it about animal lovers (and especially multiple cat owners) that makes them ever so slightly mad? Or is the madness already there and the animal loving is just a symptom of it?

EDIT: Now with added working linkage goodness.

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Mobile PC

Here's a case mod which lets you turn your tower into a mobile PC. Before you get all excited when I say mobile I don't mean a portable - I mean like one of those things you hang above a child's cot to keep them amused. Geekiest pre school toy - evar!

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Morning All

- One for Al...Tons of funny video clips. Some NSFW.
- The Great Nippulini. The site of the man who pulls and lifts things with his n!ppl35. With video clips.
- nookiecookies. Another rude food link.
- Loads of Green Day videos from the recently recorded AOL sessions including American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia and many more get em while you can!
- Political cartoons from Dr Seuss.
- So that is where our Dogs has been. He's been recovering after this incident.
- Who need a cat basket when you can have a cat carrier. Slightly disturbing picture, if you like cats.
- R.I.P. John Peel. Some of the MP3's he played. Free and Legit.
- Pooljam. Pot as many balls as you can in 3 minutes. Cool.
- Possibly a re-post, Lego toilets.
- Furby autopsy.
- Strange smiles. False teeth for Halloween.
- Strange football stories.

Super Mario playing Lego Robot

If you've got an old NES, a pile of Lego and a genius talent for developing robots then you too could build a Lego robot that can finish the first level of SMB. If you are missing any of the 3 essential ingredients you'll just have to read about it here instead.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Mark Thomas Product

Hey Ele! Look at this it's Mark fucking Thomas!

Welcome to Gmail #24561

Forgot to mention this, I sent myself a Gmail invite to my Yahoo! mailbox couple of days ago, and wondered what had happened to it. Sent another invite last night, and discovered Yahoo! had decided to sort it as spam and stuck it in my "bulk" mail folder. Bah!

Breaking News : John Peel has died.

  OMG! John Peel, legendary broadcaster has died while on holiday in Peru. New Links salutes you, John Peel. You knows it.

More can now be found at Reuters and at the BBC News site too.


- Mummy Wrappings. A collection of Ancient Egyptian miscellania.
- Kings Of Conveniance flash jukebox.
- Joan's Mad Monarch Series.
- One for bungholio(wherever he's gone)..21 Ways to hook up with a model.
- Virtual Prison Tours.
- It's Christina Waguilera! Snigger.
- Things That Make You Go Wow. Or more precise, pictures that make you go wow. My favourite link today.

Thanks to awelshview.

Short and sweet today. Posts will return to the usual massive size once i'm better and i feel like surfing a bit more. Later chaps.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Teach your cat to walk differently

And you only need some sticky tape - shovel not required. The linked video appears to be from a Japanese TV show and involves putting tape on a cat's fur in strategic places to make it crawl, walk sideways and various other odd movements.

I suspect taking the tape off may not be as easy as putting it on.

via b3ta again

Hello all

- You too could have eyes like Bowie with
- One for Tim...Very cool 3 wheel in-line motercycle.
- Ouch. If someone sees the video of this please send in the link.
- One for Bungers...Paris Hilton wrecks another home.
- One for Merg...davesweboflies. I read it on the internet so it must be true, I think.
- U2's Bono has finally found what he's been looking for.
- Funny video. Cat tossing in zero gravity.
- And another for Bungers...Men needed.
- Photos from The Gulf War.
- How to fix lots of problems with XP.

Thanks to growabrain and presurfer

Singing Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore looks pretty impressive but I've always thought it lacked something. Obviously B3ta member Elbonio thought it was a little flat too so he came up with a singing Mt. Rushmore.

I was already thinking it was very pythonesque before assorted objects started flying across the screen. Best singing mountain - evar!

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A brick isn't just for Christmas - it's for life!

Our mate Our Man in Hanoi sounds like he's having a wonderful time over there in Vietnam. But it sounds like he's now having to knuckle down and do some of the fund raising work that he went over there for.

He's working for an organisation called KOTO which helps kids from off the streets get some education and training and try to give them a start better start in life. One of the the projects they run is the KOTO restaurant. This enables training in the catering industry which gives lots of kids an escape route from poverty and begging.

The restaurant needs to move premises due to an upcoming lease renewal so they have decided to build a new one. This is where you come in. They need $80,000 so they are going to sell bricks in the restaurant at $50 apiece. I'm not sure if you get your name on it for that - I'll find out. I'm also presuming the price is in USD so that's about £27 or 39 euros.

See here for more details - or the kitten gets it.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I'm Still Here

Sorry for the lack of links lately as i've been ill. But now i'm back, well, kind of. I thought i would have a trip into the world that is the Inter-Web as it may be my last for a while cos if i'm not any better tomorrow i have to go into hospital. :(

The strangest site i have seen in a long time is nothing more than a series of random links within the site. I was on here for about 10 minutes and i only got 6 or 7 repeats pages so there must be quite a few pages of silliness. The links are funny pictures and other silly stuff and a lot of it is NSFW.

Homer Simpson quotes.

An amazing gallery of nuclear explosions.

The Granddaddy Of All Underground Storage Areas. A cully, sorry culvert, you could live in, not like our own Byker Cully.

John Kerry soundboard.

Bedlamb Library.
Visitors to Bedlam are welcome to enjoy a period of quiet reflection in our library. Don't worry about being disturbed by inmates - where the carpet starts they stop...they understand this rule and the painful consequences if they break it.

A house made of books. New adverts from the makers of Peperami.

StarPark:The Musical. Where Star Wars meets South Park.

Firework museum.

Apple Chess. Chess pieces made from Apples.

Destructive Cults.

How to play the spoons.

Bush and Kerry sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Class.

Those dark hiding places. The Invisible Web Revealed.

Puzzle Photos.

One for Mrs ILuvNUFC..Horror movie quiz.

And one for ILuvNUFC Junior...The history of car logos

Finally, a few Halloween links..
Halloween costumes. Make your own.

Extreme pumpkins.

Pumpkin carving.

A few cups of coffee and a look about the net and i'm beginning to feel a bit better now. See you's tomorrow, hopefully.

Thanks to growabrain, milkandcookies, coolios, presurfer and incoming signals

Friday, October 22, 2004

Enjoy The Draft

As mentioned before on here it looks like the draft is coming for young Americans (they could of course avoid it totally by voting for Kerry but hey who am I to meddle in American politics? We should just shut up and stick to meddling in America's wars) so they may as well enjoy the experience.

That's the attitude of Enjoy The Draft who are advertising Spring Break Falluja 2005 and a nifty line in t-shirts:
JOIN THE ARMY! It's just like Xbox - only you die.

One for ILuvNufc

Now that ILN has revealed his love of killing animals for fun here's a chance for him to erm... kill animals for fun with Animal Hunter. There is a distinct lack of shovel based action though.

No kittens were harmed during the production of this post.

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