Saturday, October 16, 2004

Friday's Rubbish

Apologies for a lack of links yesterday as i had computer problems resulting in me losing Fridays post.
Here is a small weekend special....

Javanoid 2. Neat game.

The Surrogate of Live Pelt. A.K.A. 64 Tickle-Me Elmos made into a vibrating coat.

Top 10 rock and roll myths.

biomechanicalbricks. More Lego goodness.

Hollywood height list.

Thanks to growabrain and milkandcookies


mmChronic said...

That Rock and Roll myths one about the Elephnat Man. La Toyah (sp?) Jackson was on Skinner the other night and he asked her if it was true and she claimed he did have the skeleton.

He apparently loved the film and watched it repeatedly after feeling some unexplainable sense of kinship with the badly disfigured, shunned by society Elephant Man. He bought the bones to give them some final dignity. She didn't say what he did with them though - Skinner suggested Wacko and EM sit watching films together! :)

ILuvNUFC said...

Or something else. ;) Now he has'nt got his monkey to sh.., sorry, play with.