Monday, October 25, 2004

A brick isn't just for Christmas - it's for life!

Our mate Our Man in Hanoi sounds like he's having a wonderful time over there in Vietnam. But it sounds like he's now having to knuckle down and do some of the fund raising work that he went over there for.

He's working for an organisation called KOTO which helps kids from off the streets get some education and training and try to give them a start better start in life. One of the the projects they run is the KOTO restaurant. This enables training in the catering industry which gives lots of kids an escape route from poverty and begging.

The restaurant needs to move premises due to an upcoming lease renewal so they have decided to build a new one. This is where you come in. They need $80,000 so they are going to sell bricks in the restaurant at $50 apiece. I'm not sure if you get your name on it for that - I'll find out. I'm also presuming the price is in USD so that's about £27 or 39 euros.

See here for more details - or the kitten gets it.


OMIH said...

Cheers lads - thanks for the plug.

Yes it is in US$ and yes you do get your name on a brick in the new restaurant.

If anyone interested in buying a brick can send me an email to then I will add them to the list and forward details on how to pay in a short while.

And any other bloggers out there who want to push it - then that would be fantastic.

Thanks again.

Cracking news about the Toon tops - looks like the club will stump up some shirts for the young-uns here. If I'm an emotional wreck already then I'm going to have a complete breakdown when I see them all togged out in black and white.

PS Wish I could have watched the match yesterday - sounds like a belter.

mmChronic said...

NP on the plug. We'll have to see if we can come up with something a little more concrete from Newlinks though.

Have you considered a paypal contribution gizmo on your blog? You can even do a Blue Peter style money thermometer thang!

Cracking news on the strips. We definitely need pictures of that!

As for the game yesterday - I gave Lisa my ticket. It's double edged sword - every time she goes something brilliant happens and I miss it but I suspect if I went the brilliance wouldn't have occurred. She saw the Shearer belter against Everton, yesterday's 4-3 and various other toon highlights. Jammy bugger! ;)

OMIH said...

I know what you mean.

I swear that having spent my entire life seeing the Toon win nothing they will win silverware in my absence this year. Then it will be proved once and for all that it was me that was the jinx.

Then I won't ever be able to come home.

Imagine that, me stuck here with beer at 30p a pint, fags at 40p and lovely beef noodle soup at 50p.

Oh and there's something about girls on scooters.

I tell you man, it's hell.

Oh and...give us yer fucking money.

As Bob Geldof once said.

OMIH said...

Whoo hoo the Guardian just linked "buy a brick"