Thursday, October 21, 2004

Today's Rubbish

The Complete Star Wars Multimedia Website.

The Redneck wedding from hell.

Hate mail.
The following is hate mail that I've received from people who think I'm an asshole. All hate mail is unedited and presented in its entirety, unless noted otherwise.
Had me laughing out loud. So did Phrases that make my blood boil from the same site. NSFW language.

Funny picture. I'm confused.

Is this the strangest bridge ever?

Another funny picture...Ninja cats.

One for Lots of them.

My private room. Everyone should have one of these.

Not so funny picture pictures. Bitten by a BRS spider. OWW!

Mozart had Tourettes.

Strange sea monster washed ashore in New Zealand. With Picture.

Gordon Bennett! Jocelyn Wildenstein - the American socialite who has spent £2million on cosmetic surgery - has revealed her latest face - and it is'nt pretty. I want to spew.

Make your own photo mosaics.

How to tell your relationship is over.

Newcastle United wallpapers

Thanks to bifurcatedrivets, timstabler and blogywood


mmChronic said...

I keep meaning to put the Maddox site in the linkage at the side. I'm going to try and do the long promised reorganisation of the sidebar at the weekend into linkage & blog sections so I'll stick it in then.

What did you do to those cats? ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

It was'nt me. Honest.

bryn said...

Its not a bridge, its a Bridgel or a Tundge.
Half Bridge, Half Tunnel!
More here and here