Thursday, October 14, 2004

Todays Rubbish

Morning all! I'm a bit late today as it took over an hour to start my beast of a computer up. No beeps on start up just blank screen. After about 15 tries it started. Eventually. B@5+Ard computer. So if i go missing for a few days it's cos my PC is in the shop and mm will have to get someone else to share the job of posting. Are you listening boys?
You could say it's bad karma related to my cat story the other day, but no it's not as it (my PC) has been working its ticket for over a week now. Anyway, enough patter and on with the links. Enjoy as it may be my last post for a while.....

The unholy master of MS Paint.

The stop Bush project.

yetisports7. Best one for a while. Race the Pingu's in downhill skiing while doing tricks.

Are you old enough to remember the Stylophone. No Rolf Harris here but you can still have a tinkle of the Ivories.

Zack's bug eating page.

A team:The Movie.

Bill Gates house. Interactive stylee.

Urban Climbing. More here.

Football Kama Sutra. Some seriously NSFW adverts.

Lego catalogues.

Thanks to coolios, bifurcatedrivets, geisha and ultimateinsult

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