Friday, October 22, 2004

Enjoy The Draft

As mentioned before on here it looks like the draft is coming for young Americans (they could of course avoid it totally by voting for Kerry but hey who am I to meddle in American politics? We should just shut up and stick to meddling in America's wars) so they may as well enjoy the experience.

That's the attitude of Enjoy The Draft who are advertising Spring Break Falluja 2005 and a nifty line in t-shirts:
JOIN THE ARMY! It's just like Xbox - only you die.


Merg said...

Yeah, saw that... my comment was "you guys really do need to get some new insults".

Or perhaps, "shut up and die" works.... feh.

OMIH said...


We've just launched an appeal at KOTO to raise the $80,000 needed for a training restaurant so we can give street kids training the hospitality industry and get them jobs, homes etc.

The lease runs out on the current place in a couple of months.

Anyway, you can buy a brick in the new restaurant for $50. How about you buy a new links one between you? Then one day you can come visit it.

Or failing that - give me a plug and we'll see if we can turn this into a blog campaign.

Even the Toon are helping out.

More details at:

Email me at if you, or anyone else you know, want to reserve a brick and I'll arrange payment details.

cheers lads.

Toon Toon

Doug said...

well, from a usaer draft sux, need incentive to join military, scared for friends who may potentially be drafted, bush is an idiot, blair no run 3rd term