Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What Are You Eating?

All this talk of metal spiders in canned waterlager and vegetarianism reminded me of this site. What Are You Eating? shows what wriggly things you are eating when you have a bowl of noodles for example. It's a very limited range of food and 'additives' - I reckon ILN should submit Ace &spiders.

Another food and 'additive' related factette: Apparently Smarties, unlike most other sweets, still use the E number that contains cochineal (a little red insect) instead of the E number made out of plastic or whatever they make food colourings out of these days for the red ones. This means strictly speaking Smarties should not be part of a vegetarian diet. However if we are strictly speaking then Smarties shouldn't be part of anyone's diet as Rowntrees are owned by Nestle and Nestle help kill babies in 3rd world countries and they've changed the Rowntree chocolate recipe. The fsckers. How does that stack up against torturing one mangy cat? ;)

via Blogywood

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