Friday, October 29, 2004

Firstly congrats mmChronic on your good news. I can feel a special link dump type post coming on for tomorrow. I hope you have told everyone else by tomorrow morning :)

The ultimate Halloween costume, that is if you fancy getting shot dead.

One for Scooby...Free Game World.

This weekend i will be mostly getting drunk with Newcastle Brown Ale flavoured Ice Cream.

Pet costumes for Halloween. Class.

Parking: Battle of the Sexes. Thanks to Christine for this one.

Just who do us Brits want in the White House.

Hair Bear Web. All your old favourites here including The Banana Splits, Hong Kong Phooey and Wacky Races and more.

On a similar subject...Trumpton. showing my age here kiddies. :)

Grey Busters. Bringing colour to your desktop. Cool.

Today's weird eBay item...referee Mike (mother) Riley.

Gallery of mousetraps. I wonder if anyone does cat traps.

Funny Pictures. Limecat is not pleased.

Air Raid Sirens. Get your headphones out.

One for Our Man In Hanoi. Live show downloads form the internet archive including Billy Bragg.

Vote for your favourite music t-shirt. My fave has got to be the Inspiral Carpets "Cool As F*%k" t-shirt.

Thanks to blogywood and j-walk


mmChronic said...

Thank you :)

And the only one still in the dark is our nana and I don't think she lurks on NL! ;)

mmChronic said...

Bungers is off to buy a lime.