Monday, October 11, 2004

New Links Fantasy Football Season 1 Winner

The first 'season' of the New Links Fantasy Football has practically ended. I say practically - it ends 13th October but there are no more Premiership games scheduled until the 16th. The results are as follows (player, team, points):
  1. Merg McMerg - Merg's Wanderers - 66
  2. mmChronic - mC's Hammers - 64
  3. Bungers Gifton - AC Alittlesilhouettoofaman - 56
  4. Flip - Porn Stars - 54
  5. iluvnufc forever - Shearers right foot - 50
  6. Dogs Cogs - Dogs 11 - 31
Congratulations to Merg (insert Muttley style muttering here ) who has been leading pretty much from the start. So it looks like our resident So Called Footie Expert™ is being relegated to the Championship! PARP!

Next 'season' starts 16th October (this Saturday) - don't forget you have unlimited transfers up until the morning of the 16th. If anyone else wants to play in the New Links Fantasy Football League leave us a message in the comments on this post.


ILuvNUFC said...

Tells oneself : Must do better next time.
At least i was'nt bottom. YAY! (congratulates oneself)

Maybe i will do transfers this time for injured players. Maybe not tho as i'm a bit of a lazy fscker.:)
Did anyone else bother with transfers forinjured or dropped players?

mmChronic said...


Dogs said...

We wiz robbed.

Merg said...


Me an' the lads are over the moon!

*pops champagne*

mmChronic said...

Aren't you supposed to celebrate with a roast too?

Merg said...

Roast tatties, perhaps...