Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Some d00d in France straps a jet pack on his back and jumps out of an airplane to fly like Superman.....could, that is if he had'nt died the other day. The Flying Man.

Now one to ease the guilt of that last quip. Christopher Reeve R.I.P.

The Sound Princess. Crazy Japanese.

60 year old woman wrestles Crocodile.

All your tabs are belong to us. A leaked memo from Birmingham council wants to ban smoking in the home.

My favourite (apart from the cat link below). Top 100 film reviews...in four words.

The web has a home for all...My Life as a Morrisons Employee.

Todays eBay item. An advanced ghost hunting kit.

Started christmas shopping yet? How about a goat?

Segway's Next Thingamajig.

Recent photographs of Mt. St. Helens.

Funny picture. Microsoft Corporation 1978 Or is the Mamas and Papas? Or something. Full gallery here. Some NSFW images.

A brilliant bit of Flash goodness. Dads Home.

Warning: Cat lovers should stop reading now. Skip this quality link and jump onto the next quality link.
1001 ways to torture a cat. I would just like to say at this point that i don't recommend you try any of these said methods. Actually i do, go on kiddies try number 5. I fsckin hate cats, if you did'nt know.
Number 4, mmChronic?
Actually i once knew someone who had a cat that liked to sleep in the washing machine and guess what happened? That's right, his mother loaded it up (the machine not the cat)with washing and did'nt know the cat was in there. They only realised when the full spin, or whatever it's called had finished. Cue an empty bag of clean furry skin and lots of guts in amongst the washing. You were'nt allowed to mention the cat-in-the-washer incident in their house after that. I wish i could have seen it going round and round, would've laughed my nads off. If this link or my story distresses you please address your hate mail to dogs@newlinks.blogspot.com.

I think now is a suitable time for me to leave. Byeeeeee.

Thanks to coolios, bifurcatedrivets, incomingsignals and thelinkbin.


mmChronic said...

I'm starting to have second thoughts on 'Who killed Tigger?'!

Number 4 indeed - except a pillowcase is much too cruel. A sleeping bag is ebg enough to add kids from up the street and you have a big bag o' scratched legs. ;)

Quality spinning pussy story!

Anonymous said...


You are a sick fuck. Me and my animal rights activist friends will be waiting for you at The Tyne on Friday night.
Concrete wedgers in the Ouseburn for you me lad.

Dogs said he'll give us a hand to throw you in. And he also said he's known for a long time that you have an aversion to pussy.

mmChronic said...

Friday night is just sounding better all the time.

Beer, free food, music and now a chance to chin some soft as clarts, soap dodging, animal shagging hippies. Fscking get in - that's the weekend sorted. ;)

Dogs said...

Morning mC

Just what did happen to Tigger?

Dogs said...

Oops. Forgot my riposte.

You ARE a soft as clarts, soap dodging, animal shagging hippy. You'll be in the river too.

bungers said...

Coming next week from ILN, "1001 ways to torture a kid", "Kurds and Gas - Let's interact!", and "How to run your own Dictatorship".

He also has a series of mini guides like "pulling the wings off flies"...

Encouraged anyone to kick a dog to death this week...?

I thought this was a family show..??


mmChronic said...

What happened to Tigger? You should read New Links! ;)

Our family cat disappeared - and I've always expected my ma (she hated it) had a hand in the mystery. Now I'm not so sure! ;)

mmChronic said...

Oh and forgot my riposte too.

Any day you old, old, grey and wizened man. :)

Dogs said...

You forgot to mention balding.

mmChronic said...

You wish you were still balding as opposed to just bald. That's another sign of old age - rose tinted memories of yeasr ago.

ILuvNUFC said...

Look what happens when i do a nice post and bugg3r off to the Metrocentre. I come back and yous are starting a fight

To mm : Don't you know what happened to Tigger. Our mother tried to tell me a while back and i said i did'nt want to know as i loved the cat when i was very young.

To Bungholio: Family show, my @r53. What with all your 8008135 and boxes all over the front page.

To Hippy animal rights d00ds: Come on then you cnuts, i'll have the lot of you.

It's only since i've grown up (sort of) that i hate cats. The main reason being i had an old man living next door whose cats used to p!55 all over my beautiful back garden. The smell got so bad i that i could'nt even open my windows never mind the door. This lasted for 2 summers til the old Cnut moved away and now i've got the Peruvian pipe band from the Northumberland St. in the Toon next door. You just can't win.

mmChronic said...

Dogs started it. :)

I also find it quite amusing a bit about animal cruelty gets such a strong reaction yet other pieces about say stereotyping charvers doesn't.

I'm off to buy a fur coat for Friday - preferably from summat endangered.

ILuvNUFC said...

And some leather shoes?
It's the two-facedness of these so-called animal lovers that gets me.

I'm off to watch Faces Of Death.(Cue clubbing of seals)

ILuvNUFC said...

Has anyone else noticed the cat products advert in the referrer thingy above?
Wonder if they sell shovels?

mmChronic said...


Nearly choked on last of my tea!

Dogs said...

Huh? Leather shoes? Charvers? Eh?

As I see it there are 4 types of people we are talking about here.
1 Extremist veggies.
2 Non veggies who have no problem with humanely killing animals for food, clothing etc.
3 Those who like their meat to have a face especially if it shows the final moment of terror before it gets its heed caved in with a shovel.
4 Charvers with a taste for cat meat.

I fall in to category number 2.
You two however...

ILuvNUFC said...

YAY! to shovels, i say.
That must make me a number 3, or is it 4?
I'm not sure now.

Dogs said...

One for ILN: I couldn't find any cat or seal hunting games but I did find Deer Hunter 2005 complete with playable demo!

mmChronic said...

I'm a 2 but like doing 3 with soap dodging, animal loving etc etc.

And here's one for fans of clubbing.