Monday, February 28, 2005

Sci-Fi Offers Free "Battlestar Galactica" Episode

The Sci-Fi channel has released the first episode of the uber-awesome Battlestar Galactica remake series. The episode comes complete without commercial interruption, and with bonus deleted scenes. Click on over to Boing Boing for the skinny.

San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection

Or one for Merg.

The San Francisco Public Library has an extensive collection of historical photographs of San Francisco browsable by subjects such as Alcatraz, monuments and bridges. You can even browse by area with the aid of a clickable map.

Maybe we'll get a Now vs Then photopost from Merg. ;)

via Ultimate Insult

Newcastle Sunset, Feb 2005

Sunset over Newcastle.

YA New Blog Chart

The British Blogs Top Ten started as a bit of fun, listing the most popular UK blogs by traffic. The person that started said all along it was unscientific and just a bit of fun and he was prepared to accept any publicly available stat counter. Since then there's been a bit of bickering in the UK blogosphere regarding Britishness of certain blogs, disparities between various counting methods, comments about certain blogs having a high percentage of search traffic looking for boobies (a Bad Thing™ apparently) and even the Guardian had a pop.

Well all that's resolved now as the British Blogs Top Ten is no more - the latest post says it probably won't be updated again as it did what it set out to do and raised the profiles of some British Blogs.

However jumping on the bandwagon rising from the ashes like a publicity seeking Phoenix is the All Inclusive Europundit European Blog Chart. Oops did I say "All Inclusive"? Silly me - slip of the keyboard there. You can ONLY be included if you use Sitemeter for your stats. Well that's us out before it even starts then.

So in the pursuit of ever more exclusive charts I'm proud to announce the Newcastle Upon Tyne (With Foreign Correspondents In Chester-le-Street, Cardiff, Birmingham Royal Leamington Spa, Missouri And Colorado) Based Blogs With StatCounter Stats Running On Blogger Top Ten Chart. 2 secs while I tot the numbers up....

We are at Number 1. Yay!

Metrosexual Free Zone?

Nifty...generate your

Game on...guaranteed to get you mad...

Girls girls everywhere and not a nip in sight...I'm losing my touch...

I am 27% Metrosexual.
Not Too Metrosexual, Sugar!
I may own more than two pair of dress shoes, and maybe a designer suit, but I don’t mind going to the grocery store in sweats. And I may even go a day or two without a shower.

An oldie but from my bookmarks...Misty Island...

Behold my dream vehicle...see once upon a time I was a surfing hippy...

Make sure you're wearing the right condom if slamming your wang in a car door...ouch!

Final Fantasy For Xbox?

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has joined the Xbox development team. RPGs have beeen a bit disappointing on the XBox so far - Sudeki not deep enough, Fable not long enough and KOTOR was OK. The only one I've really enjoyed is Morrowind - the GOTY edition is awesome value if you haven't got it.

Hopefully this will now change and we will start getting some better RPGs 'in the style ' of Final Fantasy. Obviously at this late stage anything he works on will almost definitely be for Xbox 2 - add to this Oblivion for the Xbox 2 and I'll never have to buy another game again. Probably.

NewLinks' Favourite Pub?

Well it would be if it was in Newcastle - the Foul Mouthed Cnut would be suitable for all our NewLinks' nights out.

More swearing?

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Morning all

EU Questions Apple's Pricing of iTunes in Britain.

Laserpod. Pink Floyd in your living room.

The entire collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics.

Mr Burns
Mr. Burns Soundboard.

You R2 drunk to drive. R2D2 gets caught drink driving. (via)

Funny picture. The more things change, the more they stay the same...

A Cannabis Chronology. (via)

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Numa Numa Boy Embarrassed By Attention

It seems the lad in the Numa Numa video is very embarrassed by all the attention (needs subscription or BugMeNot) he's been getting.

Gary Brolsma has been getting plagued by the attention since the video he recorded got hosted on (looks like I linked the right source then eh Hans?) then picked up by the rest of the internet. He's now being chased for interviews by the traditional media - he had agreed to do the NBC Today show but cancelled.

Let that be a lesson to you all: Ensure you post nothing on the web you don't want people to see. It's a very public place. How hard is it to figure that one out?

Sunday Sillies

April Fools Day soon...well sort of...pc pranks galore...

Got a crush on your cousin..? Check the facts...

Perfect for the paranoid office worker...

Stunning...How Wide is America..?

The REAL Paris Hilton phone leak...not what ya think!!!


Saturday, February 26, 2005

Unseen Countdown

Here's a clip from Countdown showing a very very rude choice of letters for one of the anagram rounds. It's a fake but still very funny.

Disappointingly the contestants could only come up with a four letter word - according to the Internet Anagram Server they could have had three seven letter words including the amusingly apt 'Flaunts'.

More swearing?

via The Flophouse


Have you seen this sign recently?
Click, die, pay up.

New Links New member!

Morning all!

Couple of announcements for you all this morning, we've got a new member onboard! So, lay-dees and gennelmen, please be upstanding, for Dan, intarweb-master from Colorado!

Dan joins New Links (officially one of the top ten blogs in the UK) after his recent expulsion from another blog, and will be our new Apple related stuff resident editor, probably.

His site, Intarweb-Master began life with Blogger on June 9th, 2004 with teh adventures of dan: master of teh intarweb?. He's also a big firefox fan, so he'll feel right at home here. :) Read Dan's full bio here.

Welcome aboard! :)

Travis Barker On Blink 182 Breaking Up

Here's a KROQ interview with Travis Barker (ASF) in which he say's that Blink 182 are just taking a break - while announcing a new CD with The Transplants and going on the Warped tour in June with them. So no break for Travis then. It does sound (to me anyway) like the end of the road for Blink - the fact that Blink 182 have announced this break when they've taken them unannounced in the past, the no definite plans to get back together and the fact they cancelled their appearance at a tsunami fund raising gig at the last minute just seem like the break ups of so many other bands.

Box Car Racer were also mentioned in the interview - fingers crossed we hear something new from them too. I'm sure we'll definitely hear from Blink again in the future - but maybe not as Blink 182 but in collaborations like the Transplants, Box Car Racer, Rancid or some band that we haven't heard of yet.

via ILuvNUFC by email

Friday, February 25, 2005

NewLinks' Fantasy Football League

As Merg pointed out the other day Season 5 of the New Links' Fantasy Football League has ended. I wonder why he was so keen - nowt to do with him winning again is it? ;)

1 Merg 81
2 Dogs 71
3 ILuvNUFC 68
4 Bungers 65
5 mmChronic 53
6 Flip 33

This win has consolidated his place at the top of the Best 3 Months League. It looks like Merg is New Links' Chelski. Pah he just bought the title. Or something.

Season 6 starts tomorrow so I'd recommend sorting your teams out tonight. If anyone else wants in sign up and send me your PIN.

On the subject of Chelsea - I don't believe we've mentioned that we knocked this season's Premiership Champions (probably) out of the FA cup last weekend. So with our victory over Heerenveen last night in the UEFA cup we are now in the last 8 in the FA Cup and the last 16 in the UEFA Cup. A double will do me fine. ;)

Match reports
Chelsea:, BAWARAO
Heerenveen:, BAWARAO

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1 Released

Firefox 1.0.1 has been released - changes are mainly security and bug fixes and can be got from the usual place.

Dog Gone...

Dog View...angry...

Doggy Style...funny...

Walking Dog...amazing...

Sad Dog

Gay Dog

Furby Dogs...odd...

Every A to Z...

Geek Dogs...humans are stupid...

Talking Dogs...they speak..! guessed it...I just said bye to another guide dog...catcha...

Nanaca Crash

Nanaca Crash This is a game similar in execution to Smack The Pingu - ie select angle and force of hit and see how far you can fly an object throught the air - but this time there's not a penguin or yet in site as it's in Japanese anime style.

You start the game by choosing angle and speed and then a bicycle comes in from the left and knocks someone over. The knocked over person takes the role of the penguin flying through the air - but this time different effects happen when you land on various people. Sometime your angle changes, you get a boost or just stop dead.

via Ultimate Insult

Morning fellow NewLinker

Mike's Classic Cartoon Themes & Images. (via)

Don't know if you guys have seen Rom Downloads - MAME roms Gba roms Snes roms Nintendo roms Sega Genesis roms. (via)

Aarons Jokes. 1,230 Adult jokes here. NSFW, obviously.

Russian woman gives birth to Cyclops child. (via)

The Commodore 64 DTV - Re-introducing An Old Friend.

The Shiftkey FAQ.

Edit: Almost forgot to mention. My Blog, Look At This..., should hit the magic 100,000 visitors some time today if it's you (look in the stuff section at the top of the sidebar to see) you will win a lovely prize from my now legendary prize cupboard. You will have to take a screenshot though. If you cant manage that ask your son or dad or something or as mmChronic always says "just fsckin Google it". I will accept a screenshot nearest to 100,000 in case that special visitor does'nt realise that they could have won the best prize ever. Editors decision is final. Or something.

British Blogs Top Ten

The British Blogs Top 10 which we joined the other day is currently being updated nearly every day as more and more blogs are added to the list. Hopefully it settles down to once a week soon so we can give you a weekly chart run down in a Alan 'Pop Pickers' Freeman stylee.

As it is we've dropped to number 9 in the charts mainly due to more popular (but obviously not actually better! ;) blogs coming into the chart. We are also starting to lose some of the residual visits from our massive spike the other week for the Get Firefox Ribbon. Here's the top ten as they stood yesterday.

1. Andrew Sullivan: 32633 average daily visits.
2. A Welsh View: 7154
3. Normblog: 2890
4. Harry's Place: 2727
5. Tim Worstall: 1486
6. No Rock and Roll Fun: 1474
7. Biased BBC: 1432
8. Plastic Bag: 1354
9. New Links: 1187
10. The Policeman?s Blog: 1146

Full charts here.

So it looks like we'll probably drop out of the top ten at the weekend and become the blogging equivalent of a one hit wonder, forever trying to relive our week in the sun. Or something.

I think we need tag icons for British and Blogging. I'll leave that to someone else as seen as I seem to be writing all the posts these days. ;)

Liberated Games

We've often posted about commercial games that have been released into the wild by their publishers. We've found out about them from other blogs, gaming sites, forums and various other places. Here's a handy site called Liberated Games that catalogues these games as they are released and provides links to them. It's a one stop, free game shop. Yay!

There are many notable games there including the Cinemaware series (Wings!), the early GTAs, Descent (1 & 2) Hexen and lots more.


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Science Fact And Fiction Quiz

Test your knowledge of science and space exploration with the Science Fact And Fiction quiz from MSNBC.

It gives you 10 statements on various things to do with space and you have to decide whether the statement is fact or fiction. Once you've submitted your answers you get the results with an explanation of the answer and links to other articles on the subject.

I got 6 and 7 wrong so 8/10 for me.

via John Johansson

More Recreational Drugs Medicines

After yesterday's news that marijuana may be useful against Alzheimers comes the news that scientists reckon psychedelic drugs might help treat OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). An American psychiatrist has been using psilocybin (mmm mushrooms!), and though he hasn't revealed the results yet, he has said they are promising. Whatever next? Crack to treat migraines? ;)

Talking of mushrooms - whatever happened to the famed Bungers' Fungus oF The Month Series?

via BoingBoing

Good Morning

Star Wars Landspeeder. For sale on eBay. I want it! (via)

Smurf Name Generator. I was Naughty Smurf. (via)

Funny Sign
Amusing Signs. (via)

Not Proud - online confessions. (via)

The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less. (via)

Explorer Now Has Tabs

But it's not Internet Explorer - it's Windows Explorer with added tab goodness. ExplorerXP is a freeware filemanager which looks quite funky - no more desktop with 6 squillion windows open at once.

via Waxy

Blink 182 Breaking Up?

Bhell13 emailed me this story on Yahoo about Blink 182 going on 'indefinite hiatus' and "there is no set plan for the band to begin working together again". Eek! For me the best of Blink had passed anyway - the last album was good but heading distinctly into pop territory. Give me Cheshire Cat & Dude Ranch over the newer stuff anyday.

Hopefully there will be lots of collaborations with other bands as there have been in the past - and there have been some excellent albums from the likes of the Transplants, Box Car Racer and Rancid featuring one or more of the Blink boys.

Today I will be mostly rocking out to Fsck A Dog.

EDIT: Interview with Travis Barker here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mad sk1775!

Not quite parkour, but it's pretty cool. Watch out for the bit at around three minutes where they all do a synchronised wall running bit. Sweet.