Monday, February 21, 2005

In At Number 3 With A Bullet!

The British Blog Top Ten which I posted about earlier has had an update - and it now looks like a top 30. I think they've been a bit generous with our stats (I've pointed this out in the comments) but I think we'll still be in the same position. Remember this chart only includes those blogs
a) Have made their stats public
b) And have heard of the Top Ten (so they can say they want to be in it)

Of course with it being a Top 30 it's like listening to the chart show on the radio in my teenage years - what's the blogging equivalent of a C90? ;)

Here's the top 10 to be going on with - full list at the Top Ten site.
1. Biased BBC: 1358 average daily page visits
2. Tim Worstall: 1316
3. New Links: 1218 1127
4. Policeman's Blog: 1085
5. Daily Ablution: 817
6. Chase Me Ladies: 814
7. Fistful of Euros: 743
8. Lenin's Tomb: 704 (
9. An Englishman's Castle: 563
10. EU Referendum: 472


BritishBlogs said...

>And have heard of the Top Ten (so they can say they want to be in it)

Actually, I have searched around hundreds of British sites, so it's not just those who have heard of the thing. (Most sites, though, don't have publicly available stats).

mmChronic said...

Now there's dedication for you! ;)

You should maybe have on the site the number of sites included in the survey.

BritishBlogs said...

>Now there's dedication for you! ;)

A once-only operation, though. Anyone new who wants to appear has to e-mail me.

>You should maybe have on the site the number of sites included in the survey.

Too late now! Not doing it again.

bungers said...

Yay for publicly available stats!

Merg said...

Third's nice.

Third to the right wing nutjobs at Biased BBC... oh dear, oh dear.

mmChronic said...

We'll be first when our Commercial Manger gets his arse in gear and comes up with a surefire visitor attraction. ;)

Maybe the VT report will bring in a deluge of history buffs. Coming soon. Probably.

Merg said...

And that'll be right after he submits the Tunnel Report?, I assume? :)

mmChronic said...

I know one thing - it had better be good after 296 days (so far) days of hyping! ;)

Merg said...

It better damn well be published and make the best-sellers lists at this point!

(All profits to be divided by NL, naturellement).

mmChronic said...

Don't say that - he'll now spend time dreaming about book signings, launch parties and big fat advances and it'll take even longer.

ILuvNUFC said...

It'll never get done.

Merg said...

Well, it won't with that attitude! ;)

Tim Worstall said...

If you think the Biased BBC guysare right wing nutjobs then you obviously haven?t been reading me.
Statist pansies the lot of them.

mmChronic said...

So does that mean we are the highest placed non right wing nutjobs in the Most Visited Britis Blogs With Public Stats charts? Yay!

If you are so far right you can call the Biased BBC statists I was expecting pictures of Il Duce and plans for world domination all over your site. Disappointingly there aren't any. However you have a crack at wan, windy vegans in your latest post so it can't be all bad. ;)