Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New Links' Fantasy Football League

The New Links' Fantasy Football League has been updated for the second time this week. The league only shows the scores gained from the last set of Premier games (Monday) and I missed doing a post on Monday for the weekend scores. I do remember that the last updates' 4 horse race had turned into a three horse race with Bungers falling away from the leading pack of Merg, Dogs and ILuvNUFC.

Well it's all changed again and it looks like a one horse race with Merg out in front by 10 points. Results below - latest scores in brackets, followed by total score.

1 Merg (11) 81
2 Dogs (3) 71
3 ILuvNUFC (0) 68
4 Bungers (3) 65
5 mmChronic (8) 53
6 Flip (15) 33

This 'season' (5) runs until 23rd February. If Merg wins this one he''ll be steaming away in the Best 3 months league when it is updated.

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