Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Puddle Jumping

Internet Explorer 7 announced today.

Regarding Merg's perceptive comment on this post, here's an interesting article, written by a person with a rudimentary understanding of the current laws...

Penalties of Stealing vs. Infringing

This wombat has the right idea.

From the makers of Fishy and Bowman, it's Rong 2 (round pong - here's the original Rong)

Fall from the Sky of Tokyo (for some real fun, click "how to play") - a little frustrating at first, but then it's not bad - start at the green arrow; the red is your target.

Here's a flash version of the Periodic Table.

Escher Web Sketch is a Java applet which allows you to draw repeating patterns.

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1 comment:

mmChronic said...

Yay for the Wombat Of Global Lurve! :)

That falling game is solid! I gve up after a couple of goes.

So much for IE6 being the last IE - evar. This has to be in response to FF's fantastic take up of the last couple of months.