Friday, February 25, 2005

NewLinks' Fantasy Football League

As Merg pointed out the other day Season 5 of the New Links' Fantasy Football League has ended. I wonder why he was so keen - nowt to do with him winning again is it? ;)

1 Merg 81
2 Dogs 71
3 ILuvNUFC 68
4 Bungers 65
5 mmChronic 53
6 Flip 33

This win has consolidated his place at the top of the Best 3 Months League. It looks like Merg is New Links' Chelski. Pah he just bought the title. Or something.

Season 6 starts tomorrow so I'd recommend sorting your teams out tonight. If anyone else wants in sign up and send me your PIN.

On the subject of Chelsea - I don't believe we've mentioned that we knocked this season's Premiership Champions (probably) out of the FA cup last weekend. So with our victory over Heerenveen last night in the UEFA cup we are now in the last 8 in the FA Cup and the last 16 in the UEFA Cup. A double will do me fine. ;)

Match reports
Chelsea:, BAWARAO
Heerenveen:, BAWARAO


Merg said...


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Flip said...

When's the cricket season start...hehe...

mmChronic said...

What's is this Cree Kit you speak of? ;)

Merg said...

Summat the shandy drinkers play, apparently. It has, in the past, consumed vast amounts of C4 daytime TV depriving the housebound of old movies, Cheers ... and in extreme cases Richard and Judy -- so it's not all bad.