Saturday, July 31, 2004

Skype me!

Skype has just gone 1.0
For all those not in the know, its a killer app. that allows you to talk just like on the phone [broadband, mic and headphones/speakers required] to your mates or family who also have d/l'd the app.
Like a vocal messenger program if you will.
If you have lots of online buddies and wanna chat with them instead of typing, check it out.

FYI l33t speak and smilies can still be sent via a little built in text messenger. w00t! :)

Friday, July 30, 2004

Where in the world...

was ILuvNUFC today?
Another cool prize up for grabs. mmChronic is away for a few days so get in quick if you know the answer before he locates the Tinter-web on his holidays.

Hoped you liked you're prize BykerSink!

Yahoo announces Gmail - in China

In a statement on its mainland Web site, Yahoo said it has boosted the storage capacity for its free mail service from 100MB to 1GB. Yahoo matches Gmail - but only in China
There is a small catch though.

One for the ladies

Messing around at work? Trying to pass a bit time until hometime?

The why dont you practice you're parallel parking or if that is too difficult you could always draw some nice pictures.

Where in the world.. is coming soon.

New Links Fantasy Football League?

It was announced a few weeks ago that 4 parts of the Beeb's internet arm were being closed. One of these was the Fantasy Football site which was a bit disappointing as I was looking forward to the start of a new season.

It turns out that it will be closing at the end of the coming season which means we have a free, decent, online, automatically scored, Fantasy Football game at our disposal. With prizes.

So should we set up a league for the New Links regulars? Leave comments below if you want in - if I get enough positive responses I'll make sure we have a league up and running for the start of the competition on August 28th.

Your one stop Torrent Shop

..or an absolutely huge list of Torrent linkage. Of course that now means ILN will never post on here again as his bandwidth is consumed with Teletubby episodes. Or something.

Not that I know what a torrent is. Parp!

via the flophouse

Tinkering With Movie Endings Page

..or when will that fat faced, weak chinned munter learn to stay away from his films?

Here's the all new Return Of The Jedi ending for the DVD release - with Anakin inserted into the final screen to tie up the loose ends created by plot inconsistencies caused by the release of the early Star Wars episodes.

I was under the impression the whole story was written before the filming of eps 4-6 were filmed - so if that's the case why weren't plot inconsistencies ironed out at that stage? Or is it just that George Lucas is an indecisve prick?

Movie Title Screens Page

A large collection of almost 3,000 film title screens can be found here. Well worth a browse.

via Coolio's blog

In the news today

We are the Lobster Liberation Front or is it Liberation of the People's Lobsters Front? Or is it just the Front for Mad Animal Activists?

Killer Whale Flips Out

This link is to a video of a Seaworld trainer in the pool with a killer whale. He then tries to get out after it gets a bit boisterous and the killer whale decides that's just not going to happen as he hasn't finished playing yet.

I guess the moral of the story is "Don't get in the water with a killer whale".

via Attu sees all

Why Did The Music Die, Daddy?

The BPI are now cracking down on UK based mp3 blogs. Why Did The Music Die, Daddy? is a piece from the author of an mp3 blog who has received a letter from their ninja lawyers. So if you have a favourite mp3 blog - suck it clean now as it may not be there soon.

Or you could just have some legal free music from here.

via boingboing

Thursday, July 29, 2004

You want public art?

clicky for bigger

After the discussion today about public art I said I was going to get a picture of a piece that was geet classy as owt. Well here you go - garden ornaments made from beer cans. And if Tracy Emin's tent was art then this labour of love is a masterpiece in my book.

I'm off to phone Charles Saatchi.

Then i must be...

What Video Game Character Are You?

Then I must be...

What Video Game Character Are You?

Quite spooky in light of comments here. I'm off to kill someone with car. The videogame told me to do it.

via the Flophouse

Some old news..

As I'm on about Blair's nanny state I also have a problem with David Blunkett's announcement today that he's going to get tough on knife carrying. Sounds like something the government said years ago when a headmaster was stabbed and killed. Today's announcement is of course due to the schoolboy who was sentenced to life yesterday for the murder of another schoolboy. So just how is making carrying a knife illegal going to stop people stabbing other people? If you want to stab someone I don't suppose the illegal act of carrying a knife is going to put you off. It may have worked for guns but that's due to gun ownership being made illegal unless licensed. So are we going to need a licence to own knives?! Or is Mr Blunkett just repeating old promises that he has no intention of fullfilling? And will it make any difference anyway?

In the news today...

I've always suspected that the government's national ID card plan was just one step closer to Blair's nanny state. Not that I'm against anything that will make it easier to track criminals but the Big Brother approach just seems like it's wide open for abuse. And now it seems that some of our MPs think the same. 'Function creep' is the term used to describe fears that, despite good intentions, the national ID card will be used to do a lot more than just track criminals.

Manhunt gets more free publicity

Manhunt is on at least two front pages today and it is guilty of murder. Apparently. As if it wasn't not bad enough that it got itself banned from New Zealand it's now gone and committed a murder in this country. Well according to the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror anyway.

Yes it that's old chestnut again - video games make you kill people. Daft fsckers.

Mind you its such an important issue to the Mirror that they almost made it the same size as their Fantasy Football ad. And the Daily Mail's other main story today? They have 2(!) pages dedicated to animals on the Underground. So that makes New Links like the Daily Mail but 5 months faster and without the racialism. Yay!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Where in the world...

Where in the world was ILuvNUFC today?

Douglas Pledger : ABC

In a bid to reverse the trend of low literacy levels in this country New Links brings you yet another way to learn the alphabet.
Abey C is a new character I've drawn for this book idea 'Learn The Alphabet.' A slightly darker look at the alphabet. I will soon be doing more of these in hope to get a line published. Abey's 123 Book, Abey's Colours, Abey's Shapes, etc.
So between this one and the previous one's we've featured here, here, here and here you've got no excuse not to be learning.

via Hal's Stoopid Links

Having a bad computer day?

I know i occasionally want to take a hammer to mine but these guys take it to another level.
Link pinched from

Kluivert spot

I've just seen Patrick Kuivert on the way home!

He was stuck in traffic on St James Boulevard heading away from SJP. He saw us all looking at him and waved and we of course all waved back like loons!

Then i must be...

Dennis, are you at the gin again?
Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey.

Where in the world... is coming later as i have just got in.

ASL? wanna cyber with jenny18? lol!!!!

We've mentioned chatbots on here before but Jenny18 is possibly the best chatbot - evar!

It mimics a horny, dumb chick with a
"massive dumb blonde script that has like 3,800 responses on all sorts of topics, but mostly sex."
Mimics one so well in fact that when the author took it onto dalnet loads of horny, dumb guys tried to get off with it. The logs are here. Fscking class!

via qwghlm home of the Daily Mail o matic

Simpsons to reveal gay character

The Simpsons is going to have a character come out of the closet when Springfield legalises gay marriage and Homer becomes a minister.

So who is the gay Simpsons character?
"Speculation is already running rife across fan websites about who will be the mystery gay character, ranging from Mr Burns' devoted sidekick Waylon Smithers to one or both of Homer's sisters-in-law."
All I can say if it's Smithers it's not much of a bloody mystery - even my 10 year old daughter knows Smithers is gay.

My money's on Neddy boy but only because of his big gay moustache. But if it is going to be a mystery it's going to have to be harder than that. So I'm going to go for Mr Burns who will disappear into the sunset with Waylon.

Ideal blogger's job

Of course if you are worried about getting sacked for blogging you should maybe apply for this job.

via Anil Dash's Daily Links

In the news today...

A nice story especially for those Newlinkers who need to fit in linkage amongst stuff they're supposed to be doing and getting paid for. Corinne Maier, a senior economist at Electricité de France, wrote a book about The Art and the Importance of Doing the Least Possible at the Workplace and now her employer is taking disciplinary action. Too bloomin' right I say. The nerve of some people. Of course NewLinkers are highly efficient work motivated multi-tasking individuals who can create linkage for our readers perusal whilst simultaneously debugging 10,000,000 lines of badly commented code. Probably.

In the news today...

11 reasons to sack Sven from the Daily Mail. Reason number one being that Sven isn't the honest, cosmopolitan man of honour and integrity that we thought we'd hired. He's just a "money-grabbing, multi-national chancer". And for once I'm not bothered by the tabloids favourite sport - England manager assassination. He may be after the money (aren't they all?) but he's still a good football coach and he's shagged Ulrika. What's the problem? Errm? We didn't win Euro 2004. Errm? What's unusual about that? We wiz robbed. Again. Sack the manager.

Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?

Buck up boyo, you're Anne Robinson!

When you're not offending the Welsh or stupid Americans on the dumbed-down transatlantic version of your hate-filled, lowest common denominator gameshow, you're being mean to people and pulling the legs off injured animals. We've seen you.

Frankly, all this anger would be best directed towards evil corporations, which you did for a while at the helm of the BBC's Watchdog programme - the only show infinitely better with you on it. As it is, you've suddenly become a multi-million-dollar institution, spawning clones in hundreds of countries, presumably all winking in that terrifying "I look cuddly now, but I can hurt you. Oh yes, I can hurt you bad" way.

Maybe you're ultra-famous, but you'll always be a B-list celebrity in our eyes. At least you're not writing for the Daily Mail any more.

You can tell the world exactly what kind of link they are with the following angry outburst:
Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey.

Well that's bhell13 not talking to me then.

via Ideophobia

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Where in the world...

Where in the world was ILuvNUFC?
There is a brilliant prize on offer for the winner

I'm off somewhere very early in the morning so you will not hear from me until teatime when i shall post another in the series.

Follow up: Technorati redesign

After the whinge this afternoon it's only fair to point out that searches are working again.

Now we can talk about the redesign. Oooh it's lovely. That should cover it.

Preparing for Emergencies

I haven't got my copy of the Government's new guide for coping with a terrorist attack yet so I'm glad it's online. I wouldn't have known how to cope with getting infected with something deadly. Now I do. The official advice is to find Cannon and Ball with the aim of infecting them. Sterling plan.

This is an excellent parody of the official site. Too excellent it seems - some governmental busybody has written to complain that it may confuse people. Pah spoilsports. But Thomas Scott says he isn't taking it down. Yay! He'd just better watch out for eager to make amends and show they're not very crap after all secret service types with brollies full of poison. Probably.

via boingboing

Dogs in thongs

Nope our Dogs hasn't started a new career as a laydees underwear model though he is open to offers! The Dogone Thong is a fart deodoriser for dogs. It's basically a strip of charcoal to wrap around your dog's bum. I find just kicking the smelly bugger out of the house is just as effective and much cheaper.

via Coolio's Blog

Free Music is a site that allows members of unsigned bands to upload demo tracks and have them voted on by you. According to the blurb 14 bands have signed major deals since the site started although I can't find any details other than the claim.

There is a huge amount of material here and some of it has to be good if only by the law of averages. The music is broken up by genre so there is punk, rock, r'n'b (rhythm and bass rather than proper r'n'b but they do have a blues section), pop, dance etc etc.

via linkfilter

Band To Band Links

This is quite cool. It's like a Kevin Bacon thingummyjig but for bands rather than people. Put in the name of 2 bands (700+ in database so far) and this page will attempt to link them via band members that have appeared in other bands. So for instance did you know the Small Faces are only 19 degrees of separation away from Blink 182?

Can you pick Michael Jackson's nose?

The quiz is actually called 'Do you know Michael's Nose?' but New Links is in favour of bogey related punnage hence the title.

You get 15 pictures of noses and you have to guess whether it's Wacko's or not. I got 10 out 15.

Which movie do you belong in?

Forrest Gump!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Saddam's poetry

Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein is passing his time in solitary confinement by writing poems about the Chimpmeister.
His American prison cell is 3 by 4 metres and air-conditioned.Though if you are American you probably will already know as 1 in 32 Americans spent some time in jail last year.

Google launches itself..again

Google seems to be back up and running after a few problems with a new version of the MyDoom virus yesterday. Google is one of several search engines used by MyDoom to find valid e-mail addresses on the net. Google recovers after virus hits
Look out for a flood of emails telling us we are spamming the world!

Technorati Redesign

Technorati has come out of beta and has a new look to boot. Lots of other blogs are talking about the Technorati redesign. There are a lot of sites out there taking about how nice it looks - have they actually used it or just loaded the page? It seems to be badly broken.

Searches haven't worked since yesterday and the link to profiles just stopped working. I needed to go and get some new code. Not a huge problem but it would be nice if they could have let users know that the links they have back to Technorati are useless. Oh and New Links was no longer registered as belonging to anyone - I had to reclaim it. And now I can't log in at all. At least when Blogger rolled out their redeisgn it came with loads of new features and took a while to settle down. Technorati seems to have introduced no new features just a new skin so what's their excuse?

Still not to worry - it looks nice.

Monday, July 26, 2004

A Case of the Crabs

No b3ta newsletter this week to plunder from as they seem to think just because it's summer they are allowed time off! Pah. Lazy slackers. :)

Anyhoo they've put up a couple of links in lieu of a newsletter and one of them is "A Case of the Crabs" which is a pointy-clicky adventure like Monkey Island. This is a black and white 'film noir' detective story and looks pretty good. It also features Dogs playing Mahjong so it has something for everyone. Well everyone except Dogs himself as it seems a bit light on pr0n.

Oh did I mention it was made by otters? Clever little fsckers.

More free pointy clicky adventure goodness here, here (and again!) and here.

via b3ta

BugMeNot says "bring it on"

BugMeNot now requires users to register. Don't worry though as this only applies to web weasels
"If you are an employee, partner, affiliate or legal representative of any site which enforces compulsory user registration then we require you to complete our registration process. It costs nothing to register and will only take a moment."
The form required is pretty big (although I have seen actual registration forms even bigger than that) and the questions are fairly silly. Revenge is sweet! ;)

BugMeNot are also asking non registration sites to add the following to their TOS:
Any subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, or employees of any site employing compulsory user registration mechanisms are not authorized to access the content or services of this site.
which would effectively make it illegal for say NY Times reporters to use the web if everybody did it. New Links may well have a one paragraph TOS in place tonight!

More on BugMeNot here and here.

Bush vs Bush

Not content with meddling with the affairs of other countries or stealing elections in his own, the ChimpMeister has now declared war on marijuana. According to the article cannabis is now twice as strong as in the 80s. Is that all? Their dealers must be crap! ;)

Lego Guitar

So you like Lego and rock music. How do you best combine the two interests? With a Lego guitar. And the first song you learn to play on it? 'Another brick in the wall' of course. Parp!

via the Flophouse (Flip's now back online after his site was hacked last week. Bastards!)

What if Mozilla were to win in the end?

Nice little IE backlash from BlogOn2004 at DivaBlog
Show of hands...How many of you use Internet Explorer?

New Feature

Although I see bhell13 has already discovered. I've changed our visitor online counter. The previous one worked very well and if all you want is a simple visitor count I can't recommend Tagboard's highly enough.

Our new counter though has a few more features. For starters it keeps a permanent record of the high water mark ie the maximum number of people on a site at once. In addition to that with a bit of cookie magic you can see who is online if they setup the their WIP Name. This script is by Bloglog - however the instructions are in Dutch so you will need to run them through Babelfish or something. Or be born in Holland.

via Attu Sees All as this is where I saw it implemented.

Google Preview

or YA useful Firefox extension. Google Preview jazzes up a Google search with thumbnail previews of the linked page if available. The thumbnails are supplied by


Prepare to lose your days to this online footy game.
Hattrick is an online football game where you trade players and coach your team in competition with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous opponents from all over the world.

Howay the lads!

Revenge of the Sith

...has been announced as the title for Star Wars III. Let's just hope it is better than the previous two.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Patrick Kluivert - your thoughts asked readers to email in their views on Newcastle United signing Patrick Kluivert. The link is to the first selection they've published.

For what it's worth I've wanted Kluivert to come to the toon for a few years now and it always seemed on the cards. But more recently it was Beattie who seemed to be our target and I had gradually warmed to and eventually liked that idea. I'm definitely not complaining though as Kluivert is world class - and we'll buy Beattie next summer when we are preparing for the Champion's League. ;)

I know Kluivert hasn't been as good recently as he has been in the past but I'm sure him and Shearer are going to be absolute magic together. Just as well Dogs isn't around as we'd now have a slanging match. Yay!

Uncle Sam Needs You

...and he's going to give you free boobies to persuade you to join up.

The US military have announced that cosmetic surgery will be available free of charge to it's service men and women and their families. This includes breast jobs, nose jobs, liposuction and face lifts. So if you're too poor to afford it just join the Army. Yay. Oh hang on you might get shot at. Boo!

Was the moonlanding faked?

I don't know but one of the most common proofs given is that stars can't be seen in any of the photographs from the Apollo missions. The just weren't looking properly! Someone has taken some of the Apollo 11 pics and processed them through photoshop (tm blah blah!) and has found stars are visible in the sky.

So was it faked? This guy thinks not but a really convincing argument that it was faked can be found here. Just don't let this bloke hear you saying it!

And whilst we are on the subject of the moon here's a couple of cool lunar panoramas: 1,2 (need QT).


Aah the good old days. Or something.

I remember when my desktop workbench looked similar to this - apart from the picture of Bjork anyway! Someone called MiRRoRMan has created AmigaCam which is a link blog done in an Amiga stylee. He also features downloadable games for the Amiga and PC.


A quite addictive game to while away you're friday afternoon at work. Hungry Mario
I almost forgot, here is a Ralph Wiggum soundboard.

Guess who has just recieved some tickets for TOTP Gateshead next week? I applied for them for the wife's sister but i don't think she can make it. I will find out and if she can't we shall have a real prize for a NewLinks compo.They would be no good to us as the music is crap and we are too old! :)

Our Man in Hanoi

Or WITW is BykerSink off to?

Our neighbour has launched his new blog, Our Man in Hanoi, which he is going to use for documenting his experiences in Vietnam during his VSO stint.

Best of luck BykerSink OMIH!

Ninja Jeopardy

Ninja Jeopardy is a flash anim featuring a ninja who likes to watch Jeopardy, rocking out and, of course like any other self respecting ninja, flipping out.

One of the things that make him flip out though is people getting the answers wrong when he watches Jeopardy.

via Milk and Cookies

Now that's what I call irony

...and it's not rain on a bloody wedding day.

Environmental activist Blake Champlin was killed when a
tree supporting a hammock fell and crushed him.
Do your bit for the survival of the human race and burn a tree today - it's what Blake would have wanted. Probably.

One for the laydees

or is it a WITW from Bungers?
Are you tired that your friends talk about sex and you are still virgin?

Calm, your problems can be fixed

The sex is at this time the most important topic you cannot be delayed behind!!!
Gerson Guerrero has come up with a cunning idea - he has set up a company to help you get rid of that pesky virginity. He has 6 men on the books so you have a choice of who you want to be deflowered by but Senor Guerrero has a "series of unique procedures" so you may want to give him a try. I don't know whether he can give you your brown wing thing though.

via Portal of Evil

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fugitive images

Fugitive Images features graffiti, posters, flyers and all sorts of other imagery from the streets of New York. It's a Flash 6 thing featuring a clickable map of NY with dots representing the images.

More graffiti? Try here, here, here and here.

via Attu Sees All

Francis Grose's Dictionary Of The Vulgar Tongue, 1811

Always aiming to provide a public service New Links pushes the earliest boundary of the history of swearing in the UK from 1900 to 1811 with the discovery of Francis Grose's Dictionary Of The Vulgar Tongue. Direct link to a plain text version here.

Includes such gems as
MADGE. The private parts of a woman.
WHORE PIPE. The penis.
BUSHEL BUBBY. A full breasted woman.
Yay for historic swearing!

The history of swearing in the UK

Exactly what it says on the tin. Well almost. It's subtitled "Last Century's Great Moments in Swearing" so while it features such classic firsts as:
Music hall comedian Hector Thaxter becomes the first man to say "Arse" on the radio.
it doesn't go earlier than 1900.

What a rip!

Newcastle has been chosen to host a World Cup qualifier between England and Azerbaijan in March 2005.This good news has been tempered by the fact that the cockney scum over at Old Trafford will get to host the other 4 games!! When exactly did Manchester become the centre of England?
The reason given for the two grounds that have been chosen is the fact that they are the biggest in the country.It's all down to FA greed, the games could be shared with other cities such as Birmingham or Liverpool.The only problem is the FA will not get as much gate money.So what's a few quid compared to keeping a fresh atmosphere which you would get if the games were spread around and giving more people their last chance to see England in a quality game outside stinking London.It's only fair the games should be held outside London because when the new Wembley stadium is built the rest of England will never see another international game, but that's another argument. BBC SPORT

Tombstone Generator

Courtesy of the Tombstone Generator!

via The Presurfer

Scare Factory

The ScareFactory sells scary accessories for things like Ghost Trains or other scary attractions. Want a 9 foot monster costume or a car flying through a brick wall? Then the Scare Factory is where you'll find them.

Blink-link (not for Bungers)

News of the arrival of our tickets reminded me of a link i meant to post a while back. You can view/download lots of Blink 182 material here including the latest DVD.
Slo-dem users need not apply!

Top 10 lists

Love 'em or hate 'em you can't escape from top 10 lists on the Inter-Web. Here is a selection of the best that i have seen.I thought the top 10 children's books was amusing.
Are you on you're own again mmChronic?

Link pinched from Coolio's

I gave my cat an enema

For all our enema fans out there here's the story of how someone managed to give their cat an enema. As you can imagine it was quite tricky - and messy. The story is made even better by the lovely drawings that accompany it!

He should have given Blessed Herbs a go - guaranteed to shift 17 tonnes of impacted fecal matter, a family of circus performers and a Nissan Micra from your bowels. Probably.

via Bifurcated Rivets

Simpsons Maths

or Math for you non English speakers! This is a site about the maths found in the Simpsons. It also has some Simpsons based maths lessons and a bit about the mathematical background of the Simpsons writers.

via Ultimate Insult

Making Moonshine

Be just like Uncle Jesse and distill your own alcohol. Watch for that pesky sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane though as this is most definitely illegal - unless you are in New Zealand apparently.

Oh and as an added bonus I found a rude GIS (NSFW) when looking for Uncle Jess pics.

via linkfilter

Hippie Society: The Youth Rebellion

Lots of videos of hippies (the peaceloving, pot smoking, acid dropping 60s kind) doing their hippy thing (loving peace, smoking pot and dropping acid) at CBC.

via Waxy

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Follow up: Blink 182 tickets

Our tickets arrived today!


Make it stop

My eyes are starting to bleed.

Time to calm down I think

After various heated mass debates today I think everyone needs to calm down. Apparently something called a bong can be useful in such situations. So here's how to make the cheapest bong - evar!

via GrowABrain

Now that's what I call protesting part 2

I'm presuming every one has seen the pictures of the Norwegian rock show with live sex on stage? How about the video?. NSFW!

via Coolio's Blog

Celebrity Blog Spot 6

This time it's the turn of Jerry Springer and there's not an overweight redneck claiming sex with his mother is mighty fine in sight. More celebrity blogs here.

Icon compo entry

< rolf > Do you know what it is yet? < /rolf >

Kluivert signs this afternoon/Hugo leaves have announced that Kluivert is in Toon and there will be a press conference at 3-30 this afternoon to announce his signing.They are also reporting that Hugo Viana has left.

Do you want your goes like?

More details on the spat between Cheney and Leahy. Most amusing bit in the piece is the bit where a DJ gets fined half a million dollars for saying 'crap' on air. So mild expletives on radio is totally illegal and blowing up civilians totally legal? God bless America.

The Butler Report

Here's The Butler Report - the review of intelligence on weapons of mass destruction. You'll need Acrobat reader to view it.

Edit: Link fixed

Wacko will be able to reenact Snow White soon

...with himself in the lead role and his seven kids playing the dwarves. Seven kids? So you don't know about the quads he is expecting? He must be getting tired of playing Peter Pan.

So what will his new kids be called? God knows but here's a review of the current crops names to give you some idea.

via Anil Dash


This will fsck with your eyes!

In the news today...

The UK Independence Party has decided to deal with women's issues. Godfrey Bloom, their new MEP for Yorkshire and Humber is concerned about women "Because I just don't think they clean behind the fridge enough". He also went on to say that no right minded businessman would ever employ a woman of child bearing age.
I'm not sure what to make of UKIP, maybe they're having a laugh but I'm sure they're up to no good. I suspect they appeal to anyone who would like to bring back hanging, national service, corporal punishment, ban immigration and, if Mr Humber has his way, to put women back in the kitchen. No doubt they appeal to those who are too embarrassed to vote BNP.

Whoa Dude!

The link is to a video which shows a bomb massacre in Fallujah. Specifically it shows a crowd of what looks to be about 30 people moving down a street getting blown up by a bomb using the now de rigeur viewpoint of the aiming camera. Nothing unusual as the Americans are slaughtering people all over the country. Except for the final comment by one of the killers.

And just in case anyone is thinking that they were scumbag terrorists who deserve what they get read this.

via Bloggerheads - it's back.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Foreballs Foreskin Restoration Device

And once dogs has finished piercing his cogs he might want to try the Foreballs Foreskin Restoration Device. It'll be handy if he chews off too much skin whilst biting the holes for his jewellery.

via Coolio's Blog

The Weather Pixie

The WeatherPixieThe Weather Pixie gives you a graphic representation of the weather near you. The data is pulled from various airports, both civilian and military, so no chance of a local weather report for Sunderland then. As New Links aims to be an equal opportunities blog here's a special forecast for the mackems: Everything will be grim.

I saw an even neater implementation of this earlier on. This blog has a banner which is the representation of the view from his parent's farm. This is changed graphically according to the current weather and lighting conditions.

via Supermum

Buzz Aldrin punch video

Do you think the moon landings were faked? Well if so, don't mention it to Buzz or you will get one of these
Link pinched from Incoming signals


A handful of disturbing pictures. spcOnline Body Piercing Photo gallery
Let's hope it does'nt give Dogs any ideas. :)

Job Predictor

Are you in the right job? Here's an easy way to tell - the Job Predictor. Just type in your name and and it will predict your ideal job.

Using my online name of mmChronic I got suicide bomber! eek! Luckily with my real name I got computer nerd which is handy.

Free iPod

All you have to do is pay a squillion dollars in tuition fees, supporting yourself and plane tickets. Duke University is to give each of their freshmen (students? fresh? surely not!) a free iPod packed with course schedules, lecture notes and the university song. A site modelled on the iTunes site is also promised so they can download fresh course content.

Jammy bastards. We were lucky to get photocopied handouts of very bad handwriting at the poly University of Northumbria @ (it's bound to be an @ these days!) Newcastle.

via boingboing

Billie Simpson "Drunk Armless Midget" Picture CD

Good old eBay.Bidding has finished folks but you can still view some of the pictures. Billie Simpson "Drunk Armless Midget" Picture CD

Brutal honesty

I'm back.Looks like posting in the evening is the only way i can manage.
Here is a brutally honest personal ad, if you read between the lines.To be precise just read line 1,3 and 5.
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Has anyone seen our bhell13 or Mergs?

Ooooh shiny!

Apple have released some brand new iPod models - with a 50% boost to battery life - 12 hours play on a single charge.

Post box or Cheese?. Possibly the hardest test in the world!

If you have difficulty telling postboxes from cheese and continually try to post your letters in a pile of cheddar then this test is for you.

Post box or CHEESE? will test your cheese / postbox recognition facilities to the full.

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Follow Up: Diamonds and getting rich quick

We've had diamonds and getting rich quick. How about getting rich quick by finding a diamond which is 4 times the size of the Hope diamond? Sounds like a plan to me.

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More nano nano stuff.

And not a Mork in sight. Dogs mention of how to get rich quick yesterday got us mentioned on Howard Lovy's NanoBot blog which has lots more nanotechnology news and links.

More Fox News

After the making of the Outfoxed documentary and the release of the Fox memo's legal moves are afoot to strip Fox of their "Fair and Balanced" slogan as it is patently not true.

Diamonds are a boy's best friend. Apparently.

So some fashion expert has decided that male jewelry jewellery (darn yankee spelling) is the new black. Just as well we have The Gropenator Governor Schwarzenegger to sort out the girly men.

How to catch student's cheating in pub quizzes

Apparently some New Zealand schoolkids have developed a gadget that will detect sneaky mobile phone use - that'll catch the cheating fsckers.

One for Dogs

Now you have you're Inter-Web connection back on you might want to play these games.Probably. EGM's 10 Naughtiest Games of All Time

In the news today...

Arial Sharon has invited French Jews to move back to Israel so as to avoid "the wildest anti-semitism". How bad can France's anti-sematic problem be when the safer option is to move to a country torn by conflict and where anti-sematism takes the form of suicide bombers on a regular basis?

MP3Blogs Aggregator or 'let the mp3s come to you'

I was talking to ILuvNufc the other week about how easy it would be to do an auto updated mp3 blog which continually scraped other mp3 blogs for new posts. Now there's no need for any effort on our part as MP3Blogs Aggregator has been launched.

It looks like it use the same code as the UKBlogs Aggregator. There aren't many mp3 blogs listed yet but that should change. They could also do with tidying up the list of blogs they already have as a couple I clicked were decidedly mp3 free.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Duct Tape Workshop - Make A Wallet

Who would have guessed it? It seems Duct Tape isn't limited to it's intended purpose of sticking people to the wall. This very versatile product can be used to make a wallet too.

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Bembo's Zoo

We've had an evil animal alphabet but this one is just an animal alphabet. Confused? Bembo's Zoo consists of animals made of the letters that make their names up. So for instance for letter M there is a picture of a monkey made from the letters m,o,n,k,e and y.

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Dog Island Free Forever

woof!Have you sorted out your holiday destination for this year Dogs? If not I may have found the perfect spot for you. Dog Island where dogs are free forever apparently.

The idea is that your dog is released to become feral and live a free life feasting on rabbits (and according to the 'high strung' question in the FAQ each other every now and then!), forming packs, sniffing each others arses and pooping everywhere.

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In the news today...

Tony Blair decides to get tough on anti social behaviour. Which to me seems to be another attempt to persuade us all to sign up to big brother style identity cards so that we can track the worst offenders. Still, I'm all for exterminating with extreme prejudice any students who bend windscreen wipers and wing mirrors whilst staggering home from their latest grant wasting p!ss up.

Blink 182 tickets for Newcastle

Contrary to popular opinion there are some tickets left for the Blink 182 concert. At least two people I know were under the impression it was totally sold out. Fortunately for them this is not the case. Unfortunately for them they are for the seated areas but it's better than nowt - just not as good as our tickets!