Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Nanniebots: Hoax, Fraud, or Delusion?

It seems the NannieBots that were going to protect 'the children' from the net nonces were too good to be true. NTK raised concerns last week over the way the media were tripping over themselves to cover the story in gushing, sychophantic 'save the children' mode. What is it about the mere mention of paedophilia that makes people believe whatever is fed to them? Brass Eye anyone?

Anyhoo - after blogger Cameron Marlow secured an exclusive interview (full transcript) with one of the bots it seems we either had a revolutionary advance in AI or some sort of cheating.

But it gets better - today have a piece about the author of the software - and his self-confessed mental problems, links to Holocaust denial postings he put on Usenet & the death threats he has made!

Coding - it's the profession of the mentally ill! I'm off to wrap my head in silver foil.

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