Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Your blog is a bit sweaty

According to this post at Ben Brown his ex-company sold it's hardware when it went bust to Blogger. He made sure he wiped his nads over the hardware - and some of those servers are now running BlogSpot. ewww.

Of course it doesn't beat Gazza's famous genital wiping incident. Apparently just before the France World Cup, Gazza and several other England players were apparently left alone with the Jules Rimet cup. Gazza is alleged to have wiped his bellend all over the globe bit at the top of the cup. So of course when you see the clips of people like Le Bouef, Viera et al kissing the cup they are in fact kissing a fine layer of Geordie smeg. Post a link to the story please - although of course it may well be an urban legend but that won't stop me repeating it as fact.

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