Friday, March 26, 2004

The Friday 10

In a shameless bid to wrest the multipost title back I'm going to be inspired by the friday five which lists 5 questions on a Friday which you are supposed to answer and list on your blog.

All well and good but I believe Friday should be used more productively so here is New Links Friday 10 - 10 Spectrum (or Timex if you're American) games for you to play in your browser. Yay.

  1. Ant Attack

  2. Batty

  3. Chaos

  4. Chuckie Egg

  5. Elite (that's the last we'll see of Bungers)

  6. Manic Miner

  7. Jet Set Willy

  8. Lords of Midnight

  9. Scuba Dive

  10. Zynaps

There are other Spectrum games to play at the homesite of Jasper, a Speccy emulator.
For all the Spectrum stuff you could wobble a memory expansion pack at check out World Of Spectrum which has emulators, more games (but none by Ultimate!), programming documentation, manuals and lots of other stuff. Planet Sinclair has a lot of information on Sinclair products and is a good read.

You may also want to read reviews of the games (or just relive your youth!) in Crash or Your Sinclair.

All hail the mighty Clive.

Ooh look - 10 links to games, 10 various other bits of linkage + the main link to the Friday 5 site makes erm... 21. Result.

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