Wednesday, March 31, 2004

P2P 'no threat' to music sales

Morning me hearties! Feast yer land lubbing swabbies on this story that says "We find that file sharing has no statistically significant effect on purchases of the average album in our sample. Based on our results, we do not believe file sharing will have a significant effect on the supply of recorded music". Yaaaaaar!!

In other news, we were second last in the pub quiz last night. We had a strong starting round (2nd place out of about 12-14 teams), but we then went "all crap". What riled me even more than usual was the fact that there were some filthy students who commited the following nefarious deeds:
  1. Bought one drink each and sat with same drink all night
  2. Started out with four members in their team. Their ranks slowly swelled to eight by the time the quiz started. The "file size limit" on each team was imposed at six members at the start of the quiz.
  3. Used mobile phones to ring up their filthy "mates" for the answers (not even sneaking off to the toilets or anything)
  4. Won the jackpot question with a lucky guess and walked off home with more money than they all came in with put together.
  5. And one of them didn't have the decency to even smoke her tabs properly.

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