Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Truth About Cobain

There have been rumours that Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana frontman, was murdered knocking about since his death. seems to think so. They say they will be revealing the truth between March 16th and April 3rd.

They are doing this via a series of questions. Amongst their clues are the fact there was a similar episode of Law and Order (script written by this?), a Siskel & Ebert (WTF!?) review of the case apparently came up with a 3 thumbs down for murder and Courtney Love's latest album not selling because Nirvana fans aren't buying it.

The last clue is of course ignoring totally the fact that the stuff she does is crap! That and the increasingly erratic behaviour means no one is interested in Courtney Love anymore which is presumably the reason her behaviour is getting ever more bizarre even going so far as to accuse rocker Ted Nugent of paedophilia. Of course she may be telling the truth about this but the strange way she revealed it included 'phoning the Howard Stern show, then going in and spilling the beans.

For more on Cobain's death check out which has a lot more background info.

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