Friday, April 30, 2004

More foosball news...

Beckham set to leave Real Madrid. Maybe he's coming to the Toon after he heard how much ILN liked his goal against the Dons... ;)

Toon goals

We love the Toon!

And lots of them, too. Toon goals The site has all the classics in recent years including Albert's chip against Man U, Rob Lee's wrongly disallowed classic (better than Beckhams goal) against Brentford and The Adidas adverts featuring Keegan, Terry Mac and Shearer and loads more.With a few clips from 60's, 70's and the 80's.About 10-15% are dead links more so as you go back in time.

Here is another Toon clips site that has 7 brilliant home made short movies with titles such as Bellars is a Geordie, Shear Class and Peter the Great.
And finally Alan SHEARER VIDEOS !!! is what it says, it includes the winning goal he scored against Germany in EURO 2000 on the day of my son's birth which inspired me to give him the middle name Alan.

Office Attachments

Yahoo's humour section has had an overhaul. It's now called Office Attachments and has links to the sort of stuff circulated via email. Age of the stuff varies - for instance in the 'new' bit they have the Mini transformer thing which we featured ages ago. But they also have the wedding dress one which is flying around the net as we speak.

Spreading a little lurve...

These boys know how to do it in style! German tabloid welcomes EU nudes. I, also, welcome our new big-breasted overlords..! (SFW)
Morning all! Nothing on the TV last night, so I had a chance to do some preparation for today's award-winning post for the award-winning NewLinks. I thought I'd bring you a round up of this week's science news, and a selection of interesting stuff from elsewhere around the ol' interweb. The science news is all skanked from the excellent
New Scientist website. After all, they do say that it's where the real news exists these days. We'll have none of your vacuous weekly celebrity worshipping, or political tittle-tattle round here.

Anyway, on with the linkage...

Let's kick off with this story about an expedition that will set off to Turkey in the summer with the aim of finding Noah's Ark. Fair enough, you might think, but they're going to investigate "what they believe to be a mammoth structure some 45 feet high, 75 feet wide and up to 450 feet long that was exposed in part by last summer's heat wave in Europe". Chuck in the obligatory conspiracy theory, in 1957 Turkish air force pilots spotted a boat-shaped formation in the Agri province. The government did not pursue the sighting, as the entire area, including Mount Ararat, was off limits to foreigners because of Soviet complaints that explorers were U.S. spies - and you've got the makings of the next Indiana Jones film. Mr. Spielberg, you know where to find me.

And if running around on a mountain is not quite your bag, why not try running around chasing after UFOs in Iran. It seems flying saucer fever has gripped Iran after dozens of sightings in the last few days. Read more about it here.

We also haven't had much news from mars lately, so here's a quick check on the progress of the rovers. Spirit sets a personal best and Opportunity nears next target.

Staying on Mars for a moment, the funniest page title of the day must go to this one which tells you all about NASA's plans for the next mars expedition.

Movie News : This looks like it will either be really good, or really, really weak. It's 'The Day After Tomorrow', and it's got Jake Gyllenhall in it. He's the kid in Donny Darko. Any way, the movie's about what would happen if there was some kind of mega storm that obliterates the world and sends us all back into the Ice age. Kind of like what would happen if there was a nuclear winter I suppose.

And that's exactly what you might get when you discover

that we (Europe) could be in nuclear disarray as our borders push east and we have the inclusion of the ten new countries that are joining us tomorrow. I, for one, welcome our new Lithuanian overlords.

Anyway, I digress. If the Lithuanian strippers don't get us all (fingers crossed), maybe the robot traffic cones will. That's right, herds of robotic traffic cones could soon be swarming onto the A1, closing down lanes and slowing the traffic. Check this out though - each fleet of robots is made up of a lead robot or "shepherd", which is equipped with a GPS satellite receiver, plus a number of less expensive "dumb" units. The shepherd takes up its position, and tells the other road cones where to go. I, for one, welcome our new conical overlords.

Robot news story number #3 features a robot, who this time, is armed with a superglue gun. But instead of fixing things around the house this one "could finger bomb suspects". Not what you want first thing in the morning.
It seems that when a bomb disposal robot destroys a suspicious package, crucial evidence that could trap the would-be bombers can be lost forever. Again, more interesting stuff from the ol' New Scientist.

And if super glue won't fix it, how about a nice bit of soldering action? That's right kids; scientists have added the trusty soldering iron to their nano-toolkits.
They've created an atomic-scale conveyor belt that may also be the smallest soldering iron ever created. The new device, which ferries molten metal, is made from carbon nanotubes just 20 millionths of a millimetre in diameter. I think that's even smaller than a grain of sand! Woo-yay! That is small!

That should keep y'all going for the next five minutes...

Intuitor Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics is a site dedicated to exposing the use of stupid physics in films. Covers subjects such as jumping through plate glass windows, ability to carry seemingly infinite amounts of ammunition and other such movie staples.

What do you put on 733t p0r|<?

That would be 4PPL3 S4UC3.

One for Bungers

I hope you didn't rush out and sign up for the Army yesterday. The site of A Single Southern Guy in America has details of the uncovering of the latest web hoax.

If this news comes too late Bungers send us a postcard from Iraq.

via boingboing

One for the...

...peace loving, eco friendly, soap dodging, New Age hippies we seem to have around here. Today is Beltane, an ancient Gaelic festival. Well it is tomorrow actually but the celebrations take place on the night before - like Christmas Eve for pagans & wiccans. Probably.

Religious question of the day - how do pagans know how to do their ceremonies? They seem to be all based on these ancient holiday dates which are all pre Roman. If this is the case there are no written records from that time so the pagans must either be guessing what went on or they must be in possession of the oldest British documents. Ever. You decide.

I'm off to dance around a fire, making up a quasi religion as I go.

Google announces GMail

...or maybe it was the fact that it's long awaited stock market flotation has been announced. The IPO is expected to reach $2.7bn when the first batch shares of shares is sold by online auction which means that Google is worth about $20bn.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Yooha! News - Speuters Photo

Spoofed Yahoo news featuring plenty of ChimpMeister bashing which is never a bad thing.

via everlasting blort

Nothing To Do?

This is a good set of games and anim links which have a few words of explanation, a screen shot and best of all a star rating sytem. This saves me the bother of findind decent flash games which is a PITA due to my knackered old PC's flash aversion. Yay!

The site has 1 or 2 new links a day so is worth a repeat visit - it's been added to the linkage shizzle to the left.

via diminishedResponsibility.

Poo Warrior

"Apparently there's an arcade game similar to this in Japan where you stick your fingers up your wife's/boss's/whoever's bum and watch their face squirm!"

Another one from Chops.


Message received and understood,sir.

Better late than never, here is YETISPORTS 4
My best is 1150.

Better Than Nookie?

A bloke won a competition for bachelors. The prize was either a date with some bimbo or a PS2. Which do you think he chose?

Handheld C64

The current owners of the C64, Tulip, have announced a 30 in 1 joystick console. Depending on the games this could be a must-have bit of kit. The linked article links to an original article in Dutch which has a figure of 30 euros or about 20 quid. I'm assuming that is the projected cost of the device.


Victoria tunnel trip

Get yer helmets oot!

Yay! Helmets at the ready, the (Satur)day is nearing for our latest NewLinks expedition. Here is a link about when someone else walked the tunnel on a council run trip.Very interesting.There are some pictures here and here (with a little info). You may have seen the pictures before because there are not many about.

Best urinal - ever™

...he's dribbling enthusiastically, takes aim, shoots and SCORES...

Now if they could only come up with a number 2 game along the lines of the dambusters I'll be well happy.

Shiny ish

Slightly old hardware at Scan's Today only but with a new price. If mmChronic and Bungers are still considering a new GPU then the 128mb ATI 9800 Pro is a fair bit more powerful than our recently recommended GeForce 5900XT.

Hot on the heels of toothing...

...comes snarfing. This story comes from todays business news, but it's following up something from last week's Beeb story. Snarfing involves pinching peoples stuff (MMS, photos, contacts etc.) via bluetooth. Bwuhahaha! > Search Technologies

Hello, computer...Need another search engine..? Of course you do! This is a bit of a historical link, as it's been talked about elsewhere all week, but seeing as I just got round to looking at it now, I thought I'd post it too. It's a new search engine from Amazon, and it's called >A9.

If any one wants me, I'll be planting trees till lunchtime, then I'm off to write letters to the Grauniad all afternoon!

Fame is in our grasp

No wonder we haven't made it into the Grauniad yet. We just haven't mailed them enough!!!!

Why I love Pasties

Just doing my bit to educate chavas. I figure we need a bit of education and culture round here.

One for Bungers

Mission Statement: To discretely provide US troops shipping out overseas with the most sensually pleasing departure possible.

I'm predicting that Bungers will join the Army after reading this one. Take One For The Country has been set up to provide Iraq bound soldiers with a good shagging session before they go. Unfortunately for Bungers it's a US organisation.

It looks like multiple partner orgies are off the menu though - according to the mission statement above they will only provide it discretely.

via boingboing

One For Bungers

Want to volunteer for the identity card experiment? See here.

Iraqi Sign Generator

YA sign generator - this time it's a couple of Iraqi kids holding a bit of cardboard and a soldier.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Geek History

Another chance to use Bungers' new History icon.

This has screenshots of a Windows install - from 1985! That's Windows 1.0. Well before my time as I was tinkering with a Spectrum & C64 round about then. Thankfully.

Link from Mergs via email.

Driver wins 'yellow lines' case

"Contractors pushed his Vauxhall Nova err I mean Nissan out of the way'. Yeah right!" says Bungers' mate Chops via the submission thingummy on the right.

Godchecker - Your Guide To The Gods.

One true god? Not bloody likely! Godchecker currently has info on 1,600 deities. Includes monkey goodness.

via Hal's stoopid links.

Save money

...and please the woman in your life by giving her a lovingly handmade tampon.

New Feature™ - Stereo Stories

Position one eye in the past and one in the present and read stories in stereo.

usually brought to you by dogs


Some interesting pics to look at.

Shorn the Sheep

A tale of wool or a non woolly tail.

Test Results

More HDD eeenteresting stuff...

We seem to be having a run on stories featuring hard disks. So, what could be better than combining a story about hard disks with another NewLinks favourite - a nice cup of tea.

Yep, scientists have discovered that green tea can provide a more effective and environmentally-friendly method of preparing computer hard disks.

That also qualifies for our environmentally friendly story of the day too. ;) w00+!

Me too

Is there room for 2 godfathers around here? I'm off to hit the mattresses.

I would appear to be...

Sorry, but erm, who won the contest? I think you'll find it was me! Or you'll be sleeping with the fishes!

p.s. FYI I watched Platoon, or a chunk of it anyway last night, I've still never managed to watch that film all the way through! Came 4th in the pub quiz last night. There was even a round on scientists, but no questions about our Colin. Bugger.

What classic movie are you?

Commercial Breaks and Beats :: The UK TV Advert Music Database

Does what it says on the tin.

Minion! Stand still....

...whilst I clean my glasses on your clothes.

via boingboing

True words spoken in jest?

You know we make jokes about the likes of mo$$ad, c1@ and other gubmint bodies reading New Links? Gulp!

Wacko sacks lawyers

The link is to a statement on Wacko's site. I wonder if this was after a meeting where they told him he had no chance of winning?

Happy Birthday iTunes

A year ago today Apple launched it's iTunes store. And we still haven't got an iPod. That's alright - I'll be receiving mine today from Bungers for coming 1st in the March icon compo. Yay!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Chelsea Match Report

The Chelsea match report is up at along with the news that Huth is getting away with deliberately stamping on God's nads due to the fact that the referee had seen the incident during the match and felt no action was necessary. Useless fscker.

EDIT: have posted video footage of the incident - scroll down to Kicker conspiracy story. Cheating twunt? You decide.

Xbox 2 innards laid bare on web...

Here's the Xbox 2 stuff mmC was on about earlier today. Well, here actually.

More icon goodness from me...

h-h-h-here's Colin! entry into the April Icon Contest™ :)

EDIT : I've also got a regular "Colin", if you prefer that. This month's contest will be decided by a public vote. Yay!
Anyone seen my probe..? Parp!

By the power of Greyskull!

Cops want spider gun to snare bridge jumpers.

How eco friendly are you?

Take this mini quizette to work out your ecological footprint. In other words, how many planets would be required to support the population of Earth if everyone was you?

Apparently if everyone was me we would need 2.3 planet Earths to support us. That's my plans for genetically creating Homo mmChronicus fscked then. Bah. Pesky eco-kids.

Jay Maynard's TRON costume... or fat man, in a suit.

...or OMGWTF! Here's a fine figure of a man in a TRON costume. I wonder if he has a GF....

Quality linkage supplied by Fifty Dizzle.

Do your bit for the environment...

...& start a "nucular" war with the ChimpMeister. Apparently the rockets on the Minuteman III series of ICBM have been changed to a more eco friendly version. So the environment stays clean until the incoming warheads explode and the nuclear winter kicks in. Yay.

America should pay more attention to the Kyoto treaty instead of fscking about with something pointless like this if they really want to do something for the environment.

Are we in the Guardian yet?

No sleep, till Brooklyn!

Check out the neat little bit of flash on the website. Hover your mouse over it to scroll, etc, and watch new shizzle appear. Cool huh?

I'm off down the Quayside to do a Newcastle version... see y'all later!

Problem of the day...

Problem of the day... Do you buy a 128MB GeForce 4 or a
128MB Geforce FX 5200 when they both only cost £40.00?

This is part of the Great Bungers Hardware Upgrade™. I also need FireWire, a new HDD, and a new midi card... pah!

Fark photoshop contest before the end of today...?

Look at this.

One For Bungers

Seeing as how Bungers failed to deliver yet again, here is todays Paris watch.

Guess Who's The New Guess Girl?

F(o!)etusmart: The Magical Land of F(o!)etuses

I've adopted a pikachu foetus
from Fetusmart!

Choose your own foetus from a wide selection. I'm off to feed my prenatal pokemon.

Thank God it wasn't his leg!

You know that embarassing experience when you visit someone's house and the resident dog becomes romantically attracted to your leg? It's nothing compared to this - substitute your car for your leg and a 2 ton white rhino for the dog. Best quote? "He was a big boy and obviously aroused".

Star Wars Kid is back...

...and he wants to Kill Bill. This is what the interweb is all about! Someone has taken the original SWK footage and mixed it with the Kill Bill trailer here.

from boingboing

Monday, April 26, 2004

Why my brain hates your mistakes...

So this must be why we tend to degenerate into petty squabbling and mindless slanging.... ;)

It's because every grammatical faux pas you make causes me to revisit those errors that I have made myself or something. So stop it!

Newlinks Vote!

Exercise your right to free speech! New Icon Goodness™ for historical loveliness and NewLinks japes.
Vote for me!!Vote for me!!Vote for me!!
Add your vote to the comments box please!!

Free broadband upgrade...

...if you are with a decent ISP anyway! Blueyonder have announced a 50% speed increase for their users at no extra charge. Guess who my ISP is? w00t!

Brazil to play SJP...?

Yes indeed, the mighty Brazil, who won the 1994 World Cup are set to visit St. James Park in an unusual friendly next month... however they won't be coming to the home of the 'Toon Army', instead, they're going to St. James Park.... in Exeter! The game forms part of the non-league club's centenary celebrations and is a repeat of a game in 1914 when Exeter City became the first professional side in the world to play Brazil, pulling off a 3-3 draw in Rio. Dammit!

skanked from Caz, at bMarketing. Cheers, Caz!

Praise the Lord


Lots of games

There might not be 10000 but at least they are free. Clicky here.

One for Dogs

ICONS.COM : Shola - My Home Page
Also check out Space Hardware's Shola story.

Daily Comics?

Try exhilarator. They have a set of cartoons (scanned from the likes of Readers Digest) which they have separated the text and graphics and then recombined in a random stylee. Surprisingly it can come up with some very funny cartoons.

EDIT: Some of the cartoons may not be SFW. Obviously Penthouse &c was a source for the cartoons too!

Nicosphere 3000 / The discreet smoking system from Chemistry

Smokers.Are you sick of being told where you can and can't light up?, then you need one of these. You could have a tab in Ireland or New York or anywhere you want with the aid of this remarkable invention.

Texaco pumps in the Wi-Fi

So, you can't use a mobile phone in a petrol station, but you can access something called the wireless interweb.

New Feature™

Click on the date links to ensure you don't get confused in future about what happened on this day in history.

For instance today is Jet Li's birthday - imagine how he would kick your ass if you had forgotten.

One for dogs


The Ultimate, 100% Accurate Gay Test

Have you been feeling a bit good with colours lately? If so you may be gay - find out one way or the other with this test.

One for Bungers

Ultimate power car revealed - burn your Golf for the insurance and get yourself a seriously maxxed up car to rip up the streets.

Friday, April 23, 2004

St. George's Day Events

It's Billy Shakeshaft's birthday too! Yay!It's a bit late in the day to post this but it'll do for next year! As well as a listing of events the website is the official home of a campaign to make today a public holiday.

The only reason I'm posting this now is due to the fact that Bungers' link to the beeb no longer has St. George featured on the front page. Presumably St. George's day finishes at 6pm or something.

It looks like we are not alone in wanting to make more of St. Georges day as a new survey reports, partially due to the recent success of the egg chasers. Planning for New Links St George's Day Party 2005 starts here.

Anorak: Papers! - That Desmond story in full

More reasons not to buy newspapers. With the quality of the reporting on here, you shouldn't need to buy newspapers anyway.

Got New Links...?? Got the power. ;)

And now for the science bit...

In today's science news : The International Space Station is about to drop out of the sky after another of it's gyroscopes has failed.

This, on the other hand is much more sensational. Millions Billions of flesh eating cicadas, known ominously as

Brood X are beginning to emerge from their lairs all over the United States. As Mr T. might say, "So long, suckers"!

I, for one, welcome our new cicada overlords.

Speed limit is reached

Hard drive maximum speed limit has been discovered. Apparently it's 1000 times faster than current hard drive technology. Or, to make a more relevant comparison, it's 2000 times faster than mmChronic's hard drive.

It's St. George's Day!!

Well, that's according to Auntie Beeb. Not according to mmChronic. Hmmmm. Anyway... let's celebrate!stoopid mmChronic... tsk! (at least he doesn't use fscking irrelevant b tags!)

I've fixed his bold shizzle and his crap ALT . tsk tsk - mmChronic

Saddam's Friends

Oil for food - or the story of how Saddam helped his friends. The UN has now ordered an inquiry into these corrupt practices. If you want much more comprehensive linkage to the story check out Saddam's Friends which is a site set up to cover this in detail.


This is an article (The Depressive and the Psychopath) about the Columbine school shootings which is hardly news but is an interesting read.

Apparently it was not a 'normal' school shooting as such but a plot to wipe out the largest number of Americans in one go. It wasn't just a couple of kids that were hacked off at being bullied and laughed at - one of them had "a messianic-grade superiority complex" and if he hadn't taken part in, & died, at Columbine may well have went on to do something much worse in later life.

Lua Lua might have made a difference...

And apparently we tried to get him back. Stranger than fiction.

You need to scroll down a bit to see the article.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

who's that girl | v.7

I think we all ought to do one of these... 100 interesting facts about some random internet chick.

Reasons to be cheerful #36472536

Daily mail gets shafted by court and Judge makes Associated Newspapers pay Rowan Atikinson 'substantial' damages. Get in!

Another one for my "News" icon... ;)

One for the ladies

Tired of VPL or the now unfashionable look of thong-sticking-out-of-top-of-trousers? Then you might want to try
Anti Panti - removes the need for underwear altogether. Yay. I'm all for anything to do with the removal of ladies underwear.

Seriously though - this has to be one of the silliest ideas ever.

EDIT: Before you visit this site read this page first. You know it makes sense.

We haven't had any games for a while so here is a link to ensure we don't need to post any for the next decade or so. has erm... 10,000 flash games online.
lifted from linkfilter.

Mini Cooper robot

Vehicle to autonomous biped robot conversion for the Mini Cooper r50.

Google launches G-mail

It's Earth Day 2004 over at Google this morning! Awwwwe! How nice! :)

Diana crash pictures

Diana crash pictures screened is a story on Yahoo...

This is just a quick experiment to see how quickly we get referred by Google. Sorry suckers! We ain't got no fool "DIANA CRASH PICTURES" or "DIANA CRASH PHOTOS" here!

Mr T! We don't have a Mr. T icon! Inconceivable! I will remedy this situation ASAP!

I'd buy that for a dollar...!

Too much foosball and socio/political comment on here for my liking these last two days, so here's another picture of a hot chick who you can pay a dollar, and she'll let you take her picture!

(SFW - it's a Yahoo news thingy)

Google launches GMail

Want to try it out? Blogger is offering we active bloggers the chance to try it out. It says it is only being offered for a limited time so if you want a go, go now.

Race slur costs Ron Atkinson job

No doubt everyone will comment on this story today.

So here's my two penneth...
He was a f*****g c**p football commentator. Good riddance.

London, Booted

London Calling has been the subject of a mass mashup. The result, London, Booted is available here and in all good record shops. Not.

Ninja Gaiden Cuts Cuts

According to ThumbBandits Ninja Gaiden is to be censored for the European market. The decapitations are to disappear. What's the point of playing a ninja if you can't cut someone's head off with single stroke? Bloody censors.

Why couldn't they have just given it an 18 rating? I saw something a while back saying most Xbox owners are above 18 anyway.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Make your own...

Prison signs with this generator.

Art or pr0n?

Take the test to see if you can tell the difference.

I got 6 out of 10 which means...

It was 50-50, and that's how well you've done. You are completely unable to tell great art from tawdry pr0n. You find Jackson Pollock obscene, and Mondrian quite beyond the pale. On the other hand, you thought I'm Your Slut 2 had some meaningful insights.

half inched from Bifurcated Rivets

Vote for Bush! Yar!

Even though the Republicans don't like file sharing very much they are still prepared to grub for votes from filthy pirates. E-Donkey's banner ads have featured ads for Bush recently. Consequently they are funding the network of evil which is helping to defraud the Republican supporting media industry. tsk tsk.

Link from beyond the grave. Or Mergs. Possibly.

Banana Guard

If you'd had one of these in the corner you're banana might have been saved.

Raise a glass to the sheer "Brucie-ness" of it all!

Happy Birthday Chump!

I Slept With Beckham

Finally, a site so dogs can have his voice heard - it's I Slept With Beckham. Rasp rasp rasp!

Where would Liverpool be if they'd scored all their penalties?

According to this story they'd still be fourth. I also heard that if all Newcastle games had lasted 80 minutes then we'd have 12 points more - which is 10 points more than Liverpool would gain if they had scored all their penalties.

Dying English language

Should i be posting this?...probably not.Then again it does apply to others around here.(except mm)Forces of 'barbaric illiteracy' too strong

Honda goes Lego

Quicktime needed

New Darth Vader Costume Shown on DVD

Morning all! Here's a nerdy post for y'all this morning. The new Darth Vader costume for Episode III will be previewed in a special feature on the forthcoming "old skool" Starwars DVD release.

Which leads me on to a picture of a
hottie at a film premiere. (That's a gratuitous b00bie link - but I had to provide balance to the force ;)

Why the picture of the chick? Well, maybe she's got a Bluetooth mobile, and she'd like to have some Bungers romping action! But how will I know...? By
'Toothing' her. It's the latest way of fishing for "hi-tech s3x with strangers". And it works... well the searching about for chicks bit. In Osbournes the other day there was at least three other peeps within 10m with Bluetooth phones. So if you see me hanging around outside Yoga classes, I'm not "perving", I'm "toothing". Sorry, your honour.

Oh yeah... and I've just had another idea! This weeks contest is "Best Ever Music Video™"! As you all know, my entry (phnar, phnar) would have to be Benny Bennazi and "Satisfaction". (NSFdogs'W)

Entries must be submitted to the comments field. Winner will be announced Friday 4.00pm. Have fun!

Strange Science...

or "The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology". When dinosaur bones were first discovered scientists thought they belonged to giants and dragons. This site has the history of paleontology along with a good selection of scientist goofs.

Have you been letting wifey park the car again?

Then it's nobody's fault but your own that your shiny Ferrari is sitting on top of a rusty shack!

Home Improvement Just Got Sexy

In an attempt to make DIY more appealing this site has been set up to allow "4 naked chicks show you how to fix stuff". I'm off to erect something. NSFW

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Jesus Christ Action Figure

After you've seen the Passion you might feel inspired to recreate the adventures of Jesus yourself. This action figure could be the very thing you need.

New Links Daily Strip! w00+!

It's time for Bungers' Comic of the day™.!!!

Office Military Equipment

So you want an office war but the only WMD you have at hand are very sharp paper airplanes. Well go and get some genuine desk based, military hardware from the Eccentric Genius who is a maker of miniature trebuchets, ballista(s? e? um? Come on then lardy dardy, hoity toity Grauniad reader - please advise on plural of a ballista) & mangonels which actually work. I'm off to find some stones.

via BoingBoing

EDIT: It's ballistae which was one of my guesses. And they sell real ones here. I'm off to conquer Gaul.

Best wallpapers. Ever

Lots of video gaming history in wallpaper form. Choose from Monkey Island, Zelda, Mario, R-TYpe, Metal Slug and many more. Fscking Snow Patrol. Pah! :)

from Ultimate Insult

Daily post aimed at pushing site upmarket.

OMFG!It's got a good beat, and I can bug out to it.Inconceivable! Popular Scottish painter (who is a self-taught former coalminer) -- has sold one of his pictures for lots of money.

My favourite contemporary artist still remains Mackenzie Thorpe. He's the one who painted Vale over Yorkshire.

I also like Rolf Harris.

Dammit! There go our chances of an award again.

Roll your own...

...insects. Do you find your normal, everyday insects just a little bland? Then make your own. And these don't sting or bite you - yay!

Randomised Dance CD Selecta

So you have mixed up a CD full of tunes but you don't know what to call it. Use the Randomised Dance CD Selecta to help you come up with a title.

Sudeki by end of May..?

Not rockstar (but I have got a "Manhunt" keyring on my desk!), I'm just using the icon for generic Videogame news.

Check out the screen shots : Sudeki might be out at the end of May according to my sneaky sources. I sooooo want this to be a good game...

Monday, April 19, 2004

Drive Me Insane!

Live cams in a house in Texas where you can control the lamps and other devices.

Errrm...Something rude...apparently

Or so I've been told. Personally I have no idea what b5kk4k3 is but a 40% leet translation seemed to be the sensible thing to do. NSFW bit of swearing

See a Crocopig...

Down at the Ugly Zoo

Not for the squeamish

Waiter! There's a maggot in my eye.

Hey Ya Grandma

YA Hey Ya "remix" - this time it's "Hey Ya Grandma".

via JengaJam who have just had a nice new redesign.

You're not singing anymore

Boca Juniors are reported to be building a cemetery for supporters. If they get a move on they might be in time for this former player.

Gucci + iPod = bling bling bling!

Uh-oh... don't let your tech savvy better half see this - it's a Gucci iPod carry case!

Submitted by Chucky. Who's got an iPod. And a birthday this week. Coincidence..? I think not.

Paperclip Art

Origami is just so yesterday. Todays office artiste works in the medium of paperclips. I'm off to apply for an Arts Council grant.

Fo' the ladies : it's Bungers' daily strip.

Another New Feature™ it's bunger's daily comic strip...!


Anorak - Keeping tabs on the rags of this world...

Here's one for you all. Allow me to present Anorak. It's a site that looks at tabloid, broadsheet, showbiz and sports coverage in the daily press.

I think we need a "news" icon. It can then be brilliantly combined with any other icon, i.e. "Local" "News", "Farming" "News", etc. My talents are wasted, they really are... ;)

Adventure Kermit

Yay for action figures. I'll have the Kermit as Indy doll please.

St George of England

Good old St George of England. Perhaps it wasn't a dragon - maybe it was one of the sewer crocodiles that we'll see on our day trip?

Blink 183's first album

When you finally release the album make sure the cover doesn't look like these!

Reclaiming St. George's Day

Yay for St George's Day. Will you be going to one of the many community events that have beem organised to celebrate it? Will you be supping your free pint of English beer sponsored by Nexus? Or perhaps listening to the day long celebrations on the radio and watching pictures of the parades on TV? No & neither will I as there will be none of these things happening.

This could be due to the fact the the flag of St George (the flag of our country) is widely considered to be a racist symbol by the loony left who seem to think national pride is the same as racism. The direct result of this is that the only place you see the flag these days is on an NF march (I hope they enjoyed their bags of piss!) so it's little wonder it is seen as a racist symbol.

I am fiercely proud of being English (and British!) and I am not racist. I don't hate any race or nation purely for their ethnicity or colour. So why can't I celebrate my country's national day? It's about time we had St George's day celebrated and not feared.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

One for Bungers

Turn yourself in to Blink 182(3) with the help of this.
Includes "Fsck a Dog".No mention of the latest album here but all the rest are.When i find stuff for "untitled" i will post it.

Croatian Chords Page and more "Don't Vote Booosh"!

A just what you need on a sunday morning... It's a Croatian Chords Page. This is just for Chopper, so that he can pick these up later today.

Did I mention that our band is now going to be called "Blink 183°" and will play in a Blink tribute style-e? That album ROCKS!! Rrrrraaaaaaar!Now all I need is a good Blink chords site...

p.s. Doesn't "All of this" sound like a Cure track..?? No.? Oh, well, I thought so! Anyways:

Now, I know I said that our coverage of the American presidential election campaign had already finished for this year, but these were too good to omit. So, here's some notable quotables from Jay Leno's show last Thursday:

"President Bush earned $400,000 for his job as president last year. That's not really that much, but see President Bush, he doesn't do it for the money, he does it for the eight months of vacation every year...

"You know the difference between President Bush and American Idol? See, on American Idol the one with the most votes wins."

"In his press conference the other night, President Bush said freedom is a gift from the Almighty, and we have been called by God to use our military power to spread freedom throughout the world. Then he called that Sadr guy in Iraq a religious nutcase."

Yaaaar! Lifted from the scurvy currs at Yahoo! News.

Friday, April 16, 2004

There's money in that thar web...

TBL, Web VIP, gets paid.

Is brevity the new "wordy"?

More safety tips

Keep your eyes on the road.

DIY safety tips

Advert for a power drill

Edit: Fixed

Pictures and Movies of Tyson

Fresh from the b3ta newsletter here is Tyson the skateboarding Dog

Unwashed live to smell another day

Confirmation that the mackem reserve game on Monday has been cancelled has been posted on the official NUFC site. Looks like Bungers will have to stalk Holly on some as yet unspecified date in the future.

If he has kept his dress from his previous iPod escapades he might have a chance on Saturday.

An entertaining read

Stephen Newton diary of sorts... is a jolly entertaining non AGB™ read - covers some of the stuff we like to rant about here.

More punk rock music links...

buy this album now!Or not - as the case may be. Here's a Snow Patrol (official site) fan site with some mp3's of some of the Radio one stuff they did recently. However, there is a cover of the Busted track "Teenage Kicks" that you might like. ;)

Enjoy it by clicking on this link! ---> One Site Is Not Enough

Snow Patrol were our band of the month in March or February. Have we had one for April yet...?

Honest northerners

Jocks and Geordies least likely to commit insurance fraud in pursuit of shiny objects.

Warner Bros Leaves Tyneside After 15 years

I never heard about this...?

The £5m Warner Cinema complex in Newcastle opened at Manors in 1989, but closed permanently last night; its final showing being the aptly named film 'Dawn of the Dead'. Fierce competition from new, modernised cinemas such as The Gate's Odeon and the Silverlink's UCI have proven too much for the Manor cinema. The site has been purchased by Northumbria University who plan to build student accommodation to facilitate the expansion plans of government and the University itself. A spokesperson from Vue Entertainment who purchased the site in 2003 said they would be looking to return to Tyneside in the future.
Our "local" newsfeed editor needs to be shot!

The Brickshelf Library

The Brickshelf Library is a collection of Lego catalogues from 1965 to 2001 and a huge collection of the instruction leaflets.

via Ultimate Insult.

Now That's What I Call Music

Stone Roses tribute band, the Complete Stone Roses, are appearing at Newcastle Opera House on Friday, July 16th for a tenner. They get very good reviews and as the original Stone Roses featured Best Guitars Ever™ could be a good night out. Anyone else fancy this?

Macs are better than Jeebus

There's nothing more zealous than the newly converted and this man should be more zealous than most as he has undergone 2 conversions recently - atheist to Jeebusinsanity and Windows to Mac.

from the Holy Observer (like The Onion but with more Jeebus) via DECAFBAD.

New Links caters for the colour blind!

This site allows you to see sites as someone colour blind would see them. And at 100% colour blind New Links is still readable. There are a few other defects you can try out like cataracts and glaucoma. Yay for virtual eye diseases.

pinched from Presurfer.

Xbox2 to feature ipod beater?

Rumours from a Microsoft source claim a portable storage device with built in MP3/WMA to replace the old hard drive.

Back up your children

In these days of ever increasing danger you know it makes sense to have several offsite backups of your kids. The Godsend Institute are allowing you do do just that with cloning. Never again grieve over a lost child - just restore from your backup and you are away again.

Rocking Rodents

Ever since Monty Python hit rats (mice?) with hammers to produce a tune, mankind has been searching for the perfect ways to use rodents to produce music. The search is now complete - with the invention of the hamster controlled MIDI sequencer.

Another New Feature™

Comics for Bungers - and anyone else that likes a daily strip. Fnarr glurk!

There is no Calvin & Hobbes as the copyright owners have whinged about various feeds carrying it. If you find any more you want added let me know - but I need the URL of the RSS/RDF/whatever feed rather than "Yay! Snoopy for me please".

Hilton Watch

Here's a New Feature™ from me today. It's called "Hilton Watch". I'll be bringing you the latest stories and photos from the wonderful world that is Paris Hilton. The little minx.

She's just got back from filming some show for someone, so she had a party. Yay!

Do you want to know more...?? Of course you do!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Oim tick

I dun an IQ and Personality Test.

Oi scored one undred and turty tree


But I swear to god no word of a lie man that I got 148 when I last did one of these.

Guess moi brain is a bit dodgy now due to too much aklohol ahclohol beer.

New Volvo Model Announced...

...Or more accurately a life size Lego model of a Volvo XC90 was on display at the NY Auto Show.

One for Bungers.....

Click here for a poke around in the Hilton.

Sexy Football

No, not the stuff that the mad Dutchman promised us and didn't deliver. It's a collection of football videos with added 8008135. Includes the infamous Charlton Soccerette clip.

Ant Movie Catalog

Is your collection of public domain films getting too large too handle because of your torrent addiction? You should have a look at the Ant Movie Catalog. This software allows you to store details of the films you own - dvd/vhs/divx/whatever and will also pull in extra details from imdb or Amazon. It also has a reminder thing so you can keep track of who you have lent films to - invaluable for the New Linkers with memory recall problems.

Here comes the science bit...

that'll never fit in there!
Universe is shaped like a massive horn. Tee hee!

One for dogs

We'll have none of that nu(!)-fangled punk stuff for dogs which he thinks is so crap he still hasn't given me my Transplants album back! So here is some genuine '80s rock from the masters of metal, Motorhead. Ace of Spades to be exact. So why is Ace of Spades worthy of a New Links link? Because it now has added kitten goodness.

Follow Up : Wal-Mart to sell Anti-Smut DVD Player

Did you wonder what's the point of a DVD Player that won't play smut, when dogs posted this story earlier in the week?? Well you'll soon be able to buy one in ASDA!

Next they'll have a computator that won't show internet smut! Pah! Grumble, grumble..

Win an Audi TT...

... with your mashup mastery. David Bowie & Audi have a competition where you mix any track from Reality and the best wins a TT.

No torch for the tunnel?

That shouldn't be a worry for New Linkers as we are the top Google hit for "how to light bungers"!

I'm off to find some matches.

Dizzy: The Collection

Lot's of Dizzy games together might be called "Dizzy: The Collection". Perhaps. Enjoy!

From our Swiss poster, cr8nro again. Cheers dude!

NUFC have a semi on - ooer!

After our win against PSV last night comes a UEFA semi final draw against Marseille.

Better still the news that the Monday reserve game against the unwashed at SJP is to be used to do some shots for Goal! Because of this they want to encourage a full house so have made it free. That sounds like a New Links Emergency trip out to me!

This is still to be confirmed. Lisa heard this at the game last night - I'll try and find some confirmation of this today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Protect yourself from giant rats (BykerCullius Rattus Colossus)

If you intend to be travelling along rat infested tunnels in the near future then you might want to get some chain mail protection. Unfortunately Shields Road Netto is out of stock. All is not lost as you can make your own after visiting the Maille Artisans International League site where they have instructions on making different mail weaves from around the world. Yay! Knitting patterns for warriors.

I just need to find a big stick to hit the rats with and I'm set.

from Hal's Stoopid Links (again!)

Microsoft issues critical security updates

More security patches out today! Get 'em while they're fresh! Read about it all at - Microsoft issues critical security updates.

Shiny wars

It has started again. Nvidia prepares the latest offensive with its G-Force 6800 graphics card. Enough transistors to make mC's mobo melt. Again.

Google announces G-Mail

...or at least someone else thinks it's really all part of a master plan to make GooOS, the Google Operating System, the most prevalent OS in the world - even if you don't run it on your own machine.

Promo shot for the flyers...

There are no tunnels to be seen on this tour!

One for the mixers...

Still looking for inspiration for something to do with the Jay-Z Construction Set? Have a look at Get Your Bootleg On which is a site dedicated to mashups. They have tutorials, links to samples and best of all a fark style (I got 4 votes for this! yay!) photoshop(™? parp!) competition but with mp3s. They suggest a theme like Ska, Madchester or Adam Ant and people submit their mixes.

burgled from boing boing.

Google announces G-Mail

But gets caught up in anti-semitism complaints. Not long before Bungers takes the heat off Google.

The iPod Engraving Utility

This is a virtual iPod engraver. You can try out engravings to your hearts content until you find the one you like. I went for this one.

IPod Mini Sound Distortion...?

If it's about the iPod mini then it's bound to be on here, seeing as we're the number one interweb resource for iPod mini stories! Shonky connectorsPressing on the case may be responsible for iPodministatic sound distortion.

Maybe you should just install one of these, and do away with the headphones altogether...

FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices

Google Announces G-mail!

Hehehe... actually it's elgooG, a cool thing.

Submitted by cr8nro, a Swiss NewLinker. :)

Futurama Cuts

Did you know that the Beeb (and Sky One for that matter) cut loads of stuff out of the Simpsons and Futurama...? You do now!

Here's lots of Futurama Cuts, so you can hear bender swear. A lot. Tee hee!!

There's also loads of cuts from the Simpsons too. Do you want to hear more rude words...? Of course you do.

It's another load of ol' shizzle...

get orf moi land!...but this time boffins have discovered that Pig Manure Can Become Crude Oil. w00+..?

We need another new icon. brb.

Skydiving in the nuddie

What I want to know is why are Richard and Judy guesting on a dutch TV channel. NSFW

Half inched from Will's Thrills

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Anti Smut DVD

Watch Debbie Does Dallas in a fraction of the normal time with the DVD with Clearplay technology

Pesky lawyers

Trying to block Google's G-mail What's My Pirate Name?

Of course, if you don't know this already, you've got no business here at Newlinks!

What's My Pirate Name?


No mo' side talkin'

First pictures of the N Gage 2 have been released and it's been confirmed that side talking is a thing of the past.

Of course if the games are still crap no will buy this one either.

And while I was looking for the side talking link I saw this post by Bungers which looks like it beats ILuvNufc's longest post title by a country mile.

In loving remembrance.

You were saying

Perhaps you were wrong

Gravestone name generator

Not sure about my obituary but, had I died in the last 50 years...

My inscribed gravestone name is Allison Ignoramus.
Take The Gravestone Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

iPod mini shizzle?

Users are reporting sound problems with the iPod mini after a few weeks 'gentle use'. Is that a euphemism for listening to Barry Manilow or something?

President spends 40% of time out of the office

Being the ruler of the world is obviously easy. The ChimpMeister only needs to spend 60% of his time in the office. That's almost as much free time as teachers. 2 week Easter holiday and they are still having a 'teacher training' day on what should have been 1st day of term. bah mutter... lazy fsckers... grumble... overworked my arse.. pizzle...

If only we could persuade him to stay out of the office for the other 60% the world would be a safer place. On the other hand we'd have next to nowt to write about then.

Incisive political reporting (?!?! snigger!) grabbed from the Guardian

The Penny Arcade Remix Project

Now that we are no longer being diverted with dogs' (note possesive apostrophe!) amusing (? His obit definitely won't say "international raconteur and wit") late April Fool (see comments) let's get back to linkage.

An English teacher in Japan his started teaching his students English with the aid of Penny Arcade strips. He blanks the text and they have to come up with some new dialogue. The results are here.

Tyneside Life and Times - Tyneside Life and Times

Have we had this on here before..? I can't remember. So here's a "new" website that's got lots of pictures of local shizzle.

Looks like they could do with a graphic designer... ;)

In a dilemma...?

You could always just "Ask the Rabbi" to find out if the punishment suits the crime!

Jailed murder suspect plucks out eye

Woo for self administered justice. Just as Fred West gave himself the death sentence that the law in this country could never do, a murder suspect has given himself some biblical justice ripping his eye out whilst quoting Bible verses. This seems like classic blame displacement here - "It was all my eyes fault your honour but I've punished the errant orb.".

He should have ripped his heart out as that is the crime he is accused of - murdering his 4 year old son, his ex wife and her 1 year old daughter and cutting their hearts out.

Subservient Chicken

Yay for Burger King. Unlike McDonalds whose advertising is a mix of crap music (I'm not fscking loving it!), airline theming and a gay clown BK give us a chicken of our very own to command.

Here is a link to some of the things the chicken will do for you.

BoingBoing has a post about some of the ruder things the chicken will do. Warning: may set off your swearing filter at work! :)

George Says...

Can you spare a banana for a chimp down on his luck?In a similar vein to dogs' post last night 'George Says' lets you choose from 4 backgrounds, 23 images of the ChimpMeister and add the text of your choice.

I'm off to make a monkey based comic.

hooked from Hal's Stoopid Links.

Toon's run in

After getting a point against Arsenal at the weekend we've stayed in the race for 4th place. I, like Claudio Ranieri, now concede the title race to Arsenal! have a good page with all the relevant facts about our run in - and those of every other team that is battling for 4th place.

The game was a cracker, not least because the atmosphere was amongst the best I've experienced in ages even though it did tail off a bit occasionally it was still way louder than most games this season. The game was full of good football from both sides, glaring misses from Henry (yay!) & the now obligatory French style cheating you expect from Arsenal. We should probably take it as a compliment that Arsenal felt the need to cheat in such a blatant way to earn a draw but their constant carping at the ref, attempting (and achieving most of the time) to move throwins and free kicks by huge amounts, diving and hacking just showed them up I felt. And how their gay (in the SP sense) keeper managed to remain unpunished, by referee and God, for pushing Shearer back to the ground after he was attempting to get up after a goal mouth pile in is a mystery. 49,000 Geordies saw it but the 3 officials didn't. Durkin the best ref in England my arse. He's just a ginger dwarf.


New Links has risen from the Easter Bank holiday weekend - though it looks like dogs was an early riser!

We've missed six squillion bits of linkage so here's the first & it's one for Bungers. Apple have released a 'trendy' gaming device.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Thursday, April 08, 2004

And you think the arguments on here go on a bit?

Then avoid this one like the plague. Blogger Kathryn Cramer did a post about 'civilian contractors' in Iraq. This seems to have upset the folk at Little Green Footballs and a humongous slanging match started with threats of being reported to the Californian Bar (one of the LGF posters is a lawyer) and all sorts of other shenanigans.

Who would have thought a post on a blog comment thread could cause so much grief?

One for Bungers

One of Bunger's favourite games is to be turmed into a film. John Woo is planning a big screen debut for Metroid.

Private spaceflight draws closer

There will be an attempt "later this year" to win the X-prize. Clicky here for more.
What we need is a Paypal button on this site to fund a NewLinks attempt.Could you imagine us, The NewLinks Pirates, on a soiree in space.....still bickering.

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

Briton to bet all on Vegas roulette spin.

Also, it's ten years since Kurt Cobain died. I think I'll do you a picture of the album cover for "Nevermind" from memory, with MSPaint, as a tribute to his genius, and your generosity. Donations to the Bungers iPod fund in exchange for art! There's one for the grammar ninja's - waaaaaay to many misplaced adjunticators!

brown shark swimming in my pool
Do my sk1llz know no limitz...??!

Exploiting Peer-to-Peer Networking: I have lost all faith in humanity.

After the Disturbing Search Results post the other day here's another chance to peer into the dark recesses of internet users minds. Ubersite has an article on how a person changed filenames on a p2p network to some pretty sick titles and was amazed at the number of downloads he had. Apparently there are people out there looking for 'Grandma Bingo Sex' as he had 122 downloads!

Kanji Tattoos

This article in the Chicago Tribune (login required - BugMeNot will provide!) has photo's of various kanji tattoos. The blurb with each picture is what the tattoo wearer thinks the characters mean and what they actually mean.

This is almost worth learning kanji for. Imagine the next time you get someone slavering on about their love, peace & harmony tattoo and you inform them it actually means 'Gullible fool - sell this person any old crap you want'.

Console Cakes

Gizmodo has a little collection of wedding cake pictures. The difference being these cakes are modelled on gaming consoles. They have a PSX, Xbox & GC. Are these the geekiest cakes ever?

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I'm an artiste

Fun to be had at the Alanis Morissette Lyric Generator. Here's mine:

"Will to Live"

I feel miserable

Sphincters make me ill

I feel miserable

Blogs tear at my foundations

I feel miserable

Web pages are dragging me down to the depths of misery

I want to die

Is it because of anally gazing blogs that I feel this way?

With the brown rays of misery pounding on my brain?

Or am I lost in tale of Shakespeare, adrift far from home

I don't think so, I don't think so.

Nutbitch Broke My Will to Live

Nutbitch Broke My Will to Live

Nutbitch Broke My Will to Live

I was getting better but then

Nutbitch Broke My Will to Live

I feel miserable

Rants rot the flesh from my bones

I feel miserable

Rectal routers defeat my purpose

I feel miserable

Suicides are doing their best to impale my soul

I want to die

Is it because of anally gazing blogs that I feel this way?

With the brown rays of misery pounding on my brain?

Am I lost in tale of Shakespeare, adrift far from home

I don't think so, I don't think so.

Nutbitch Broke My Will to Live

Nutbitch Broke My Will to Live

Oh God, nutbitch Broke My Will to Live

I was getting better but then

Nutbitch Broke My Will to Live

How to use a hand puppet to meet, attract, and date tons of single women...(A.K.A.-One for Bungers)

Clicky here for more.
Do i win a prize for longest post title?

Who's Got the Acid? These days, almost nobody.

According to this article LSD use in America is at an all time low. The reasons? Apart from a change in the way of recording usage statistics, the primary factors appear to be the breakup of the Grateful Dead and the arrest of 2 people from Kansas who produced 95% of the US's LSD. They apparently had 2 billion doses 'in stock' at the time of arrest.

Mr. T -- Suckah!

A veritable feast of Mr T. on lessons in life in flash stylee.Mr. T -- Suckah!

Don't bother if you are on a slo-dem(20 MB)

One for bungers.

How is your mixing project coming along? If you are struggling with the program you could try using Windows Sound Recorder

The Do-It-Yourself Deity

If none of the religions in the world are quite right for you then have a go at rolling your own God. Choose from a list of attributes your God should have and get a plausibility report to see whether it's worth setting up a church or not.

More Monkey Mosaics

This is a link to the 'Bush made from chocolate starfish' picture mentioned earlier. They also have a Rumsfeld one I hadn't seen before.

The history of...

The history of site has histories of various items like light bulbs and computers. Astonishingly for an American site it correctly credits Joseph Swan as the inventor of the light bulb and not Thomas Edison. Encarta used to have Edison credited in the US edition and Swann in the UK edition.

Newcastle has a strong link with electric light - the first light bulb factory in the world was in Benwell, Cragside had the first house lit by hydroelectric power, Mosley Street was the first to be lit by electric street lights & of course the mackem Swann only invented the lightbulb so he could escape from the darkness that is sundlind.

'History of...' via bifurcated rivets.

One for Bungers

This thread's (on subject is "Album covers redrawn from memory in MS Paint" which is a task and a half - with my memory and gfx skills anyway!

I'm off to do a Pollockesque Stone Roses cover.


Michael have one of those mosiac images that are made up from lots of other images. This is President Bush portrayed by some of the people he has killed.

Which reminds me - did we ever post that pic of the ChimpMeister where he is composed entirely of chocolate starfish?

EDIT: Fixed the linkage - sorry.

Sign up now!!

This lot are looking for volunteers to run around making noises like chimps.

From a story in this morning's Metro

Thundercats : Where are they now...??

Ever living spirits of love...

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Hooray for....

Crane Accidents dotcom.

For all your crane accident chasing needs.

I dun gud sorta

You are a MASTER of the English language!

While your English is not exactly perfect,
you are still more grammatically correct than
just about every American. Still, there is
always room for improvement...

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Then i must be...

You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Aha,me is a grama god two.YAY

Disturbing Search Requests

Do you want to know what weird things other people have been looking for on the web? As well as checking the New Links' referrers at the bottom of the page you can visit Disturbing Search Requests which is a collection of erm... disturbing search results.

The idea is when you find a dodgy search term in your logs you submit it to this site. We've had loads of dodgy ones but our stats only keep details of the last 100 hits so they're gone. But I'm sure we'll get plenty more!

found in Spinneyhead's referrer bizzle.


You are a complete and utter BASTARDIZATION
of the English tongue!

Unless this is your third language, there
is absolutely no excuse for your ignorance.
You shame us with your speech. Go back and
finish your schooling, bastard.

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

My mother's gonna kill me.. she's a literacy adviser! Eeeek! I betta tried agin...

For sale : Eurotunnel Tunnel Boring Machine

All this talk of tunnels, we'll be needing this..!

How grammatically sound are you?

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Mr. Hankey Contruction Set

Watch the cartoon,catch your poo for your Mr Hankey then dress him appropriately.Good clean fun,methinks not. Mr. Hankey Contruction Set

Place your bets ladies and gentlemen...

.. the race is on. And we'll have none of that Grand National style forcing horses to jump over bushes until they die of exhaustion or are shot for breaking their legs in the all new shiny media attention seeking New Links.

Two sites are trying to get a million sign ups before the other. One is which supports the right to same sex marriage & the other is which erm... doesn't. Will ILuvNufc sign up for Jeebus? I was going to post a link to his post about the subject but he seems to have had a change of heart and deleted it. :)

Of course this could just be a clever way of collecting millions of email addresses for spamming purposes.

leeched from

Simon Smith, and his amazing dancing Qrio

Here at Newlinks we love robots. We also love cultural things, like plays, recitals and orchestras. So what could be better than a robot, who likes opera? Sony's ickle cute QRIO robot has sucessfully conducted an orchestra to demonstrate the latest human activity to be mastered by robots . Read all about it in this story from the New Scientist.

Check out the dancing robots to be really impressed. And there's also some robots who can do martial arts.

I, for one, welcome our Sony Qrio overlords... ;)