Monday, January 31, 2005

iFrigate Could Blow Away iPod

I posted about toughening up your iPod the other day but the Royal Navy seem to have taken it to the extreme with the introduction of the iFrigate. Apple needn't surrender yet though - it's an interactive guide to a Type 23 Frigate. Yay for a Flash enabled Senior Service!

It looks like I can forget all thoughts of cruising the high seas listening to a random party mix. Pah.

via The Flophouse

Flash Player Prices Fall

It seems the arrival of the iPod Shuffle has forced other flash based music player manufacturers into a rethink on pricing. Yay for a price war!

Afternoon Playtime

It's cold. It's hard. It's Space.
I don't know what it is. It's not a game. It's here.
It's horizontal. It's scrolling. It's Alpha Force.
It's evil. It contains tanin. It's A Daily Cup Of Tea.
Source Engine Vs Doom 3 Engine - Fight!


Make Firefox like IE - in a very superficial fashion. Don't worry it's not a tutorial on introducing IE security flaws into the Firefox code base - it shows you how to set up Firefox with an IE LnF which could be useful for dragging across the techno fearing luddites in your family who refuse to upgrade to that there new fangled Firefox because they are 'used to' IE.

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Pinball Games Online Directory

This page has lots of links to pinball games you can play online at various sites. It includes a one paragraph review and screenshot of each to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

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Monkeys Like Pr0n

Strange but true - monkeys will pay for monkey-pr0n:
A new study found that male monkeys will give up their juice rewards in order to ogle pictures of female monkey's bottoms. The way the experiment was set up, the act is akin to paying for the images, the researchers say.

The rhesus macaque monkeys also splurged on photos of top-dog counterparts, the high-ranking primates. Maybe that's like you or me buying People magazine.

The research, which will be detailed in the March issue of Current Biology, gets more interesting.

The scientists actually had to pay these guys, in the form of extra juice, to get them to look at images of lower-ranking monkeys.

Firefox 1.1 Delayed

No doubt there will be hordes of IE lovers screaming this means the demise of Firefox (and vice-versa.)

Doom 3 - The Board Game

... so we can all sit around and get... er... board? Nice plastic figures, though.

Gym Class


London Underground : The Movie

With the amount of links we rip from the b3ta newsletter it was most remiss of me not to post a link to the London Underground mp3 in a Jam stylee from a few weeks back. Never mind I've got a chance to make amends with a link to to the new flash enabled version.

Extra flash goodness added by Manic.

EDIT: I forgot to mention - this is NSFW unless your employers don't mind shouty, sweary songs.

Head... um... Octopus. Thingy. Maybe.

mmmmmmm Doughnuts!It's.... "different".

I think it's a battery-operated Orgasmatron (not as dodgy as the name sounds. It's SFW) ...

VW Files Charges Over Suicide Bomber Ad

Looks like we may have been slightly off in our speculation over the real culprits behind the VW ad. We thought, because no charges had been filed, that it was the usual 'company lets bad taste viral out of back door, reaps publicity, denies responsibilty'. It seems Volkswagen are pressing charges against the 'unknown pair' behind it after all.

The two apologized for offending people but refused to identify themselves. Reuters noted that under German law, charges can be filed against unknown persons, obliging authorities to track down the perpetrators.

Presumably if the offenders are tracked down and then VW drop the charges then they (VW) will be charged with wasting police time so you have to think they mean to follow this through. This should be interesting.

But why are the media still claiming the perpetrators are unknown? You'd think that with the regularity that traditional media steals stuff off the net that they might have seen their names all over the place.

via Joi Ito

American Nazi Party Adopts Road

Skinheads to clean up trash dumped by all - even that dumped by 'minorities'. Probably.
See, no-one ever tells you about the good works Nazis do. Or something.
  • Against: World War, Genocide, Torture.
  • For: Cleans Up Road.

That clears that up, then.

Pokemon Causes Cancer

After writing about Pokemon just the other day I was shocked to find that Pokemon causes cancer! I suppose it adds new urgency to Gotta Catch 'Em All.

via Waxy

Play Time!

It's German. It's original. It's Rocket Bob!

It's Spanish. It's pr0n-o-gr4phic Concentraton. It's unpronouncable! [NSFW]!

It's Japanese. It's insane. It's Rangiri!

It's American. It's a mini-RPG. It's Courage!

Oops! Morning folks.

More Fantasy coffins. via

The voices behind The Simpsons. Cool clip. via

SDurf Movie Posters
Surf Movie Posters of the 60's. via

First Drink of the Day. Excellent. Everything you need to know about nuclear age history. via

Pakistani painted truck
Colours on the road. Truck painting in Pakistan. via

Ahh, the memories. A brill video of babies vomiting set to music. I just love it when they get the granny in the face.

Slang of the 1920's. via

Buying a New PC?

Try turning the volume down a bitWelcome to Merglinks™!

If you're in the market for a new PC soon, how about this fine desktop? Or perhaps you'd prefer a laptop?

If you're building your own, perhaps a power button would be a useful addition?

Or perhaps you just want to secure your existing PC?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

PSP Design Flaw "Deliberate"

Going for ludicrious statement of the week is Ken Kutaragi's claim that the square button responsiveness problems on the PSP "wasn't a mistake" and users will "have to adapt".

From what I've read, the problem stems from the sensor for the button not being directly below the button but slightly offset, due to the button being positioned so close to the LCD display -- with many claiming this is as a result of the PSP being rushed out to compete with Nintendo's new DS handheld.

"Sony: We Design Things To Not Work Properly"? Well, it's novel...

Linking Illegal In Norway, too

Better be careful giving directions to lost people on the streets -- at least in Norway. That's the logic being used in the latest copyright ruling there, where a student who had a website with links to mp3 files -- that weren't hosted by him, on his site -- has been ordered to pay damages of 100,000 kroner (£8,000) to the Music Industry.

With this and yesterday's story from Germany, it seems that within the EU, be careful what you link to -- it just might get you jailed.

Xbox Xbox Xbox

It seems the Xbox is doing well, with Microsoft's console division posting its first ever profit this week.

Meanwhile, rumours abound that the Xbox2 (aka Xenon) will be unveiled in the Microsoft Keynote speech at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco on 9th March.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hot In The City Tonight...

8008135A lady in Berlin[NSFW] obviously finds it hot this time of year, since she dispensed with all her clothes before going for a walk... Oh those wacky Germans!

Rumours this site will be renamed Nudelinks are completely untrue. I blame Flip, personally...

(German) Music Industry Says Linking Is Illegal

On Friday, German online magazine recieved a letter from law firm, sent on behalf of various members of the music industry. The letter accuses of variously violating the German copyright act and of spreading illegal "devices to get around anti-piracy measures".

How did they do this? They wrote an article which included links to SlySoft, makers of AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneCD products.
According to the music industry, simply providing a link to the start page of the web site of a copying software manufacturer constitutes a violation of this law. Furthermore, Heise Verlag is accused of having provided "instructions on how to get around anti-piracy measures" in the above news item. Finally, the letter even speaks of the news item as "illegal advertising" for the sale of the software.
Presumably by the same logic, telling someone their house locks are insecure merits being tried as a housebreaker...

One for Local People

... especially those as local as mC.

Are you local?

PSP Train Simulator Promo

This is.... odd.

Not the game, but the promo vid... very odd.

VW Suicide Ad Follow up 2

After Thursday's commentary comes someone else with a similar rant about the infamous VW suicide bomber 'viral' ad.

Weebl and Bob - ouch

New Weebl and Bob out!

Nintendo Trying To Shed "Kiddie" Image?

8008135Check out this ad for the new DS -- it appears the DS and boobage go together, at least in Nintendo's eyes. (Perhaps they should have called it 'Nintendo DD'?)

Hey, it's better than the old mad-Sega-barber ("Give me a Cyber-razor cut!") ads... or, if you recall, the CD32 ad with the bloke from "The Darling Buds" on it and the wonderful quote, "and colours ... so many colours!" Tho' it's still not quite as 'adult' (or funny) as Sony's "Golfers Vs Porn Stars" ad -- or as good as the banned-from-TV Xbox "Life's Too Short" ad -- probably the best console ad ever IMHO.

Though Sega's "Germany" ad was pretty funny too in a satirical-xenophobia Sun-Reader-y way.

Friday, January 28, 2005 Not As Gross As This!

We've had one or two penis mutilation stories on here before but this is the mother of all knob chops. This is a livejournal page showing a series of photos of some total nutter chopping his dick off. This is NSFW. Or for anyone with a squeamish disposition. Or men. Or anybody.

You have been warned - this is grosser than you can possibly imagine. I bet you still look though!

via b3ta newsletter 167

I'm back!

Did anyone even notice that i was missing. I had some nasty problems with my PC but thanks to a couple of NewLinkers I'm almost running at full speed again.

Massive cow manure mound burns for third month.

An amusing name. via

Roller Bed
Designer Dog Bed. via

Single Man's Guide to TV Dinners

Man Pickup: A Secret World War II Pilot Rescue Manual. via

Talking Dogs. It's not that clever, we have one at NewLinks who can post stuff. Occasionally. :)

DarrenS' Amusing Classified Ads slideshow on Flickr. Neat. via

The Economists. Pointless, I know but i thought it was funny. via

Age-Maps. Two photographs of the same person, from different periods of time (child and adult) are spliced together. In this fusion a jump-of-time is established at the tear. via