Thursday, January 27, 2005

LOTR nerdy humour #24516246

One does not simply walk into Mordor.

via thieving link bastrats and they ain't getting no fscking linkage from us!


Merg said...

Why do Bungers posts wander around the page at whim? Are they possessed? Is the lad himself possessed? Can we use bigger nails?

Enquiring minds want to know!

(and so do I).

mmChronic said...

Mainly because he puts them into draft and then when he publishes he doesn't update the time - though Blogger should do that.

The latest one is my fault though - when I removed the link to Those Who Shall Not Be Linked and republished it came out at that time - don't know why!

Merg said...

So who's the thieving basrats?

I've obv. missed something here... :)

ILuvNUFC said...

Come on then, give us a clue. Or just mail me and tell all!

mmChronic said...

The same cryptic clue as last time:

Take the initials of a footballer whose surname used to rhyme with Dennis but now rhymes with penis. It's a fairly famous linkblog with the same initials.

They never credit their sources and ages ago they put up a run of posts not unlike a run of posts on here and a few were stuff we found ages before a lot of the bigger link blogs. The number of referrals we got? Zilch. Fsck'em.

Merg said...

hm... I rarely credit stuff either, but much of what I bother with comes from email/irc/icq. Mostly I'm too lazy to work out where j-random-page I've left open came from.

mmChronic said...

If I pull stuff off another link log I always give credit but if it's been something floating about a while and on lots of places I don't bother.

Obviously if it's stuff I've just found I don't bother.

A lot of our referrals come from linkbacks to things we've linked. The transformer copier one got linked by Silicon Valley news, our stats jumped, then we obviously sent loads to Milk And Cookies where I found it as we made their top referrer list over christmas and ended up getting loads of referrals back from them. It's just the way of the whole link blog meme thing. And THEY don't do it.

I wish we had trackback as we would then whore many more referrals! It might be worth putting the haloscan stuff back in but just the trackback side of it.