Friday, January 28, 2005 Not As Gross As This!

We've had one or two penis mutilation stories on here before but this is the mother of all knob chops. This is a livejournal page showing a series of photos of some total nutter chopping his dick off. This is NSFW. Or for anyone with a squeamish disposition. Or men. Or anybody.

You have been warned - this is grosser than you can possibly imagine. I bet you still look though!

via b3ta newsletter 167


Merg said...

I haven't yet. Resisting. My stomach's not good as it is!

ILuvNUFC said...

I feel sick now. Had to look though. I pressed back on the fourth image, I'd seen enough.

hypersloth said...

I was on the phone when I clicked, despite the fair warning... I screamed in horror. My friend was alarmed, and asked if I had just accidentally deleted an important system file or something... I just kept whimpering... Finally, I managed to say that I'd rather have crashed my computer.

Anonymous said...

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mmChronic said...

Thank you for your permission to delete spam from our blog!

I'll leave it for now - but if you do the same as you did with your last spam ie pick several popular pages and comment several times, it's gone.

We don't mind people telling us about stuff - but we feed the testicles of spammers to our pirahnas.