Monday, January 31, 2005

VW Files Charges Over Suicide Bomber Ad

Looks like we may have been slightly off in our speculation over the real culprits behind the VW ad. We thought, because no charges had been filed, that it was the usual 'company lets bad taste viral out of back door, reaps publicity, denies responsibilty'. It seems Volkswagen are pressing charges against the 'unknown pair' behind it after all.

The two apologized for offending people but refused to identify themselves. Reuters noted that under German law, charges can be filed against unknown persons, obliging authorities to track down the perpetrators.

Presumably if the offenders are tracked down and then VW drop the charges then they (VW) will be charged with wasting police time so you have to think they mean to follow this through. This should be interesting.

But why are the media still claiming the perpetrators are unknown? You'd think that with the regularity that traditional media steals stuff off the net that they might have seen their names all over the place.

via Joi Ito

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Merg said...

You don't expect them to actually *read* the stuff they steal, surely?