Monday, January 24, 2005

eXeem Links

We've had a lot of visitors looking for eXeem links over the weekend so here's one for them - which has a few movies, games and apps so you can try the eXeem client and see if it's any good.

I haven't given it a go yet and probably won't until the Lite version is at or near full release. Taoski has had a go (and found the tracker link above) so head over over here to see what he thinks on it's adware, easy faking of files, easily spoofed rating system and a few other things. Executive summary: it sounds as shit as Kazaa but with a better transfer protocol.


Merg said...

If it's like Kazaa the masses will love it, no matter how bloody awful it gets...

I know loads of people who are crazy about kazaa... personally, I think it's about as much use as the proverbial chocolate fireguard.

mmChronic said...

Or a chocolate teapot.

Kazaa was useful in it's day but I'm amazed people are still using such a crappy network full of fakes and viruses. I don't think I've used Kazaa for a few years now.

If this does turn out to be Kazaa++ then I will be avoiding eXeem like the plague.

Merg said...

Heh, quite.

I heard the "fireguard" one first at school, about a zillion years ago, and it's stuck.

I wouldn't mind a chocolate anything - Chocolate's very useful in any shape, IMHO ;)

As for Kazaa... the people I know who use it swear blind that it's fine. Since I don't use it, I can't really say otherwise... but I'm far from convinced. :)