Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Calm Down Dear

Oh dear. We've had a mini rantette in the comments on the Calm Down Dear Esure Remix Video from the person who was originally hosting the video before the link died.

He's complaining the excessive bandwidth charges have cost him a fortune and he wasn't expecting them because it wasn't meant to be for public consumption. I don't know - you put a file on a public server on that there pesky internets and the bloody common oiks come and download it in the droves. How dare they? Birch them I say.

Alternatively he could always have put it on a password protected private server.

As for who let the 'secret' out he could try looking here - they may have generated a hit or 17 squillion.

Inexplicably he also seems to be claiming the rights to the 'Calm Down Dear' phrase and demands credit because he "created this madness". Well apart from esure for creating the commercial in the first place that is. And Josh (JAKAZiD) for remixing it into a very funny anim (RCSABB - 7.8Mb WMV on a site where the owner isn't whinging about bandwidth). So woos and props go out to Skuzzle for erm...umm... hosting a file he didn't want to share on a public server. Yay - a new innerweb star is born! Probably.


ILuvNUFC said...


hypersloth said...

heh, that's just about funnier than the original post.

Merg said...

Buggrit, millennium hand and shrimp.

bungers said...


Looks like someone needs to "calm down", dear..


mmChronic said...

I would normally have slapped his arse in the comments section - but this was just too hatstand not to post! ;)

Merg said...

Whoops, here comes Mr Jelly!

Josh (JAKAZiD) said...

Hmmm... the aggression I have caused with that video :(

Moral of the story: keep stuff like this hosted on your ISPs webspace :)

mmChronic said...

I wouldn't worry about it - it seems the first time the link to it on Skuzzle's server was made public was here... by someone called Skuzzle!

So he hosted it, then posted about it and then complained about people finding it. It's all his own fault.

Anonymous said...

what a nob