Thursday, January 27, 2005

On this day in History... part 1

Did you ever wonder what were we on about this time last year?

To lazy to look in the archive?

Here's the first in an infrequent series of posts called bungers' On this Day in Newlinks History™

Well, one year ago it was Tuesday the 27th Jan, we had 20 posts that day, from me, mmChronic and Dogs. It was also snowing in Newcastle. Here are the highlights...

First off, we had a collection of imagery used on acid tabs. Some videos of Shaolin monks "doing their thang", and we also had the "hey ya" Charlie Brown mash up. That link is dead. :(

Also, OTDINLH, look! It's Monty Python in a Lego stylee!

We also unmasked Johnny Vegas' alterego at beauty's castle.

Classic New Links action from the vaults... ;)


mmChronic said...

Are you trying to steal my Google juice you cnut? ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

Cool. If you can keep this feature going for another 3 months you will be able to report on the fact that the tunnel report was due on this day a year ago!