Monday, January 24, 2005

NewLinks' Fantasy Football League

The scores have been updated for the NewLinks' Fantasy Football League. There's has been no change on position but Dogs is cementing his place at the top by scoring more than everyone else this week. Did I mention to be eligible for the Fantasy League you need to make at least one post on NewLinks per week? ;)

Full table - 1st figure is current score for season, 2nd (in brackets) is score this week:
1 Dogs 37 (16)
2 Merg 31 (10)
3 ILuvNUFC 28 (14)
4 Bungers 23 (8)
5 mmChronic 13 (8)
6 Flip -1 (0)

The chairman of Flip's club is expected to be making an announcement to the Stock Exchange this afternoon. ;)

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