Monday, January 24, 2005

Sperm Wars

After Merg's post about the Great Sperm Race I remembered a documentary I watched the other night about a scientific theory called Sperm Wars. The documentary went a lot further than the linked document and had some mad jizz scientist who theorised that there were various types of sperm like blocker sperm that made it difficult for other sperm to get through and killer sperm that actively hunted and killed the sperm of another male.

So taking the idea of a sperm racing based TV show to it's natural conclusion I propose a series called Sperm Commanders. A bit like Time Commanders. With sperm. Naturally there'd be spin off series called Celebrity Sperm Commanders where we'd get famous people to donate a 'unit' or two.

I'm off to get funding from Channel 4. While you're waiting here's a sperm based shootemup in a Family Guy stylee.


Merg said...

Sperm Wars?

Is that available for the GBA?

mmChronic said...

Where's that dev kit? ;)