Thursday, July 20, 2006

DevHook 0.45 Released

Booster does it once again, with the latest iteration of his firmware/UMD emulation software, DevHook 0.45 being released.

New in this version are bug fixes and the ability to run homebrew under the emulated 2.71 firmware (userland software only, has to be recompiled as a .prx rather than a .pbp).

Here's the first recompile for the 2.71 emulation, the well-known NES emulator, NesterJ.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

Opera DS Website Goes Live

The Official Opera DS website has gone live. Sadly, it seems light on any real info, but it does confirm a Japanese release date of July 24th. I may well be tempted to import this if it reviews well and is reasonably priced -- the PSP browser is nice but slow and having to enter URLs etc. cell-phone stylee leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, the PSP isn't quite as portable as my old-school DS...

Last I heard, there was no definite release for the US/Euro markets -- Opera was hopeful and The Big N was adopting a "wait and see" attitude -- possibly to how well it's recieved on the Japanese market.

DevHook 0.44 Released

Booster's done it again - DevHook Sample Loader 0.44 has been released, and the biggie for this one is that it supports booting into firmware 2.71 from memory stick. Neat. 2.71 is the latest firmware release.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DevHook 0.43 minor updates

Booster has released a couple of minor updates to DevHook 0.43. You just need the most recent one, as both are replacements for the main devhook.prx file (prx's are PSP library files).

The changes correct problems with save games being corrupted and fix problems with wi-fi when running the CPU clock at 333MHz.

Monday, July 10, 2006

DevHook 0.43 Released

Yes, yes, more PSP stuff. Since I'm the only one posting atm, you get whatever I'm reading about most -- which lately is handhelds.

Anyway, Booster today released an update to his excellent Devhook software, Devhook 0.43.

New in this version -- if you can find a suitable copy of the 2.60 files, it'll run the 2.60 firmware from your memory stick.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

GBA Emulator For PSP

As I'm sure everyone knows, the DS has GBA compatibility built-in which results in a wonderful back-catalogue of games (as well as some unbelievable dross, but show me a platform that hasn't got that...). Well, the PSP-only guys n' gals (hat-tip, Jimmy Saville) out there need not be jealous, as there is now a GBA emulator for the PSP, courtesy of a VBA port by the wonderfully named ZX-81.

I've not tried it (quel surprise...) as I own a DS already. I suspect it's not full-speed, seeing as it's written in C, but it's still quite an amusing prospect.

This emulator's been around for a while now, but I've never gotten around to posting about it (I know, bad Merg...).

Saturday, July 08, 2006

DS sales surpass PSP's in UK

According to trade mag, MCV, the DS has pulled ahead of the DS in the UK:
PSP's impressive start in the handheld market has been soured this week as rival console Nintendo DS began to pull ahead in the race for portable supremacy.
The latest industry estimates suggest that the June 23rd launch of DS Lite, while deemed unspectacular by some at the time, has boosted hardware sales for the year so far ahead of Sony's PSP.
While I like both systems a great deal, it's obvious that the reason the DS hardware has outsold the PSP in Japan at a ratio of roughly 5:1 and is beginning to see a lead in the UK is down to the software library:
And Nintendo is eclipsing the competition in the software charts ? this week?s biggest selling DS game New Super Mario Bros outsold top PSP title Tomb Raider: Legend by a ratio of over five to one. The Nintendo format also claimed the prize for being the overall top-selling full price console platform this week.
The PSP is essentially a portable almost-PS2, to the point that if you already have a PS2 there's not a lot on offer that's new -- not that that's a bad thing with quality titles such as GTA: Liberty City Stories, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and BurnOut: Legends, but the gaming experience on the DS is unique -- there's nothing quite like Kirby's Magic Paintbrush, Nintendogs, Trauma Center: Under The Knife, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Brain Age, etc. on any other system. There's truely something for everyone.

Just stay away from the DS version of Burnout: Legends. It's dire. In fact, it's so bad it's funny.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Handheld Gaming Boosts Game Sales

Handheld Gaming Boosts Game Sales:
Sales of videogames in Japan have risen by more than a third in the first half of 2006, an industry survey reveals.

Revenue from games and hardware totalled 277 billion Yen (£1.3 billion), up from 207 billion Yen in the same period of 2005.

The increase was driven by sales of handheld consoles including the Nintendo DS, the report says.

The DS has massively out-sold the PSP in Japan, with the regular DS outselling the PSP this year by around 40%, and the shiny new DS Lite outselling the PSP by almost 350%, I think we can see which console is responsible for the lion's share of the sales boost.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DevHook 0.42 Update

... talking of the PSP ...

Not bothered to update the PSP-y goodness in a while.

Well, Booster has updated DevHook to 0.42.

Since I haven't covered the inbetween versions for a while -- and our archives have the big hole in them from our Drupal adventure -- I'll do a quick summary.

DevHook will allow users to run ISO images of games from the memory stick. This has the huge advantage of being able to conserve battery life significantly, since the mechanical drive with all its moving parts is a bit of a power-hog. More recent games require a bit of jumping through hoops, however. It doesn't need a UMD in the drive tho, for those that have dead drives...

On top of that, it can boot the 2.5 firmware from the memory stick, allowing usage of all the 2.5 advantages, such as the web browser and enhanced video playback.

These features you require you find a dump of the 2.5 firmware, or make your own.

I've not tried the 0.4x series yet, but it appears quite a lot of people have had good luck with it, so there y'go.

You will need a 1.5 firmware PSP to use this, but even PSP firmware 2.6 owners can downgrade these days -- tho' do so at your own risk. There's been some reports of bricking. 2.7+, forget it.

UPDATE: Booster just released DevHook Sample Launcher 0.42a with some minor bug-fixes.

Sony Add Fuel To "Racist" Accusation Fire

Oh dear, oh dear... While I felt the Loco Roco thang was people being a bit overly-sensitive, the latest "White is coming" ad campaign - featuring a feisty looking white woman grabbing a black woman by the throat, no less - is perhaps more than a teensy bit ill-advised...

Offensive? I think so. Flat out stupid? Yes. Attetion-whoring? Damn straight.

Monday, July 03, 2006

New Sony Trademark A Veiled Hint?

Sony has apparently got a new name for their "We're not ripping off Nintendo, Honest Guv" PS3 controllers:
Sony Japan has trademarked the new PlayStation 3 controller as ?P oo S?.
The trademarked logo is actually using an "infinity" symbol between the P and S. Still, it does look like Poos. Which means we have "Wiis" and "Poos" for the next generation. Ahem.

It also can be translated, by someone with a slightly warped thought process (i.e. Your Correspondent), to "Number Ones" and "Number Twos" -- so does this mean Sony has already conceded being the Japanese leader for this console's generation? ;)

Of course, with the '360 continuing to sell more poorly than the GameCube or even the GBA, at least Sony is assured they won't be last on their home turf...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

We're Not Dead!

"You will be in a minute..."

Yersss... so much for Python.

How about The Emperor taking a call from Darth instead?

Ever wondered if you're colo(u)r blind? Try the Reverse Colorblindness Test, where only those who are colourblind can see "stuff" -- but not, you'll (probably) be glad to know, dead people...

Is Loco Roco racist? I can't comment because apparently, as a White Guy™, if I don't agree it is,my opinion is invalid because I'm part of the problem -- institutionalised racism, doncha know. You decide (unless you're white, in which case... um... move on to the next item).

UK researchers have developed cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to make microchips -- and the chips made via this process should be of higher quality, to boot. Cool -- literally!

And finally....
The RPG Cliche List -- probably a dupe, but funny enough for a repost (if indeed it is such!)