Friday, December 31, 2004

Toss The Cheerleader

This site has a video clip of a cheerleader being used to score a basket - amazing clip but notice the way she holds her neck whilst the the throwers are celebrating. Looks rather painful.

And if you fancy a go yourself they even have a little Flash game where you can try and toss the cheerleader yourself. Oooer!

via Geisha Asobi

Arse Match Report

The Arsenal match report is up at BAWARAO.

New Links mini version: We may have been beaten - but we were fscking awesome and very unlucky to lose to a spawny deflected goal. And the sooner someone rips off Ashley Cole's kneecaps with a screwdriver the better. That cheating little toerag is a very bad example to up and coming youngsters in the game.

Stop Pulling

I though this was a site to prevent you from going blind but I was wrong.
It made me feel accountable for my pulling because I knew I would have to go on and report my episode, thus causing me to pull less
It's to help people who pull their own hair (and sometimes eat it) due to a condition called trichotillomania. Mad fsckers.

Now all we need is a link to the woman who had the massive hairball removed from her gut - if that doesn't put them off nothing will. New Links - proponents of the short, sharp shock.

via Portal of Evil

New Year's Resolutions 2005

I resolved years ago to never make New Year's Resolutions ever again as they are invariably broken by January 3rd. But I'm breaking that one just like all the ones that went before. I have however got a very good reason - it's for the purpose of link whorage from Technorati!

They have a New Year's Resolutions 2005 page and if you post your resolution and link to that page then you will see your link there. So here's a couple of resolutions for New Links this year.
  1. Threaten Bungers with knives when something is due/overdue
  2. Move to a paid for blog with extra features - I think we've pushed the free envelope as far as possible with this site! More news on that in the early new year. This will of course mean taking adverts for crotchless knickers and dog food etc to pay the bills.
  3. Can't think of anything else as we are the bestest blog in the world already. Probably.
Any more? Stick them in the comments.

PS Talking of link whorage - how come not one of our myriad of avid readers has nominated us for this? Pah! I don't know - we skive work all day to bring you top linkage and for what? Nothing it seems. I'm off to work for the Guardian.

LokiTorrent Bites Back at MPAA

LokiTorrent have raised $14K of the $30K required to launch a legal defence against the MPAA ninja lawyers who shut the site down before Christmas. Yay!

At the current exchange rate if I donate £1.39 they should hit their target.

via Waxy

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Cheap Mac

Courtesy of Think Secret, rumours of a new Barebones Mac, sans display, for the sub-$500 price-point -- that's ~£270 in "real money".

Amusingly, this is the market I've long been told by the "Mac faithful" that Apple wanted no part of, because it was "cheap and nasty" (not to mention the snob value and "you get what you pay for" type comments).

It should be interesting to see how this sells, given the number of people who like MacOS X but have thus far refused to pay the high "Mac tax" type prices. Personally, I think it could be a good move, if only as a "foot in the door" -- get people to try a low-end box and upgrade to a faster more expensive box later on, though of course that would likely mean these "barebones" machines will have very limited expansion capability.

Expect a new rant from me when it's launched in the UK at £499 ;)

Evening All

Specialty Dictionaries including beer, slang and internet dictionaries. via

Amazing Prehistoric dogs and Prehistoric Mice. :) via

girltron version 1.0. Strange. via

How-To record on your ipod really well (for free). via

The Simpsons Alternative Christmas Message via

The Best Games You Haven't Played

Wired have created a list of games they think "you" haven't played this year.
Which reminds me, get a copy of Katamari Damacy you will love it!

Galagon 2004

Here's an online clone of Galaga called Galagon 2004 which I thought was a nice follow on to the video game classics bit yesterday.

No doubt this will be written off as boring too. Tsk tsk - kids these days. Give 'em a taste of the birch I say.

via linkfilter

Stop Blogging And Go Outside

The BBC has a little mini review of the year including the question 'Was this the year of the blog?'. Their conclusion? Not really.

They thought blogs served a useful purpose in countries with little freedom of expression and the rest of the article is mainly about bloggers selling out and become part of the media 'they despise'. Whores. I would like to point out at this juncture that any income I derive from my gardening column in the Newcastle Herald and Post is entirely unrelated. Probably.

Oh and we're all lazy buggers apparently.
In any case, as bloggers rarely go out and about, many of those who comment on the world at large get their information from mainstream news sources.

Phew - that's a bit of a sweeping generalisation from the beeb. I'm off for a lie down.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hello All

K-Tel Classics. Step back in time. via

MPAA Goes After More Bittorrent Site Operators. via

In a poll of 4,000 British movie fans conducted by video rental giant Blockbuster, John Cleese's rant demanding ?What have the Romans done for us?? has been named the funniest movie scene of all time. Too right. I've seen it countless times and i still laugh out loud.

Gary Arnold's Novelty Radio Page. via

Kids review old video games. Cheeky twunts! via

Check out the amazing Asimo robot running. via

Lycos' Top 100 search terms of 2004. via

Fantasy Football

The New Links Fantasy Football League has been updated with the Christmas games. ILuvNUFC has cemented his palace at the top and is now 8 points ahead of the rest of the pack. Special mention to Flip's team as he has obviously been feeding John Arne Riise a cocktail of cocaine, viagra and steroids. Probably.

Bungers now finds himself in the position of holding up the table at Christmas. This of course means he will be mostly playing in the 2nd Division 1st Division Championship league next season. Parp!

Table is as follows:
  1. ILuvNUFC 49
  2. mmChronic 41
  3. Merg 34
  4. Dogs 31
  5. Flip 29
  6. Bungers 21
Note this doesn't include any points from the Newcastle / Arsenal game tonight.

Thank You, Poland

Thank you, Poland - and it's not for being part of America's truly international police force. It's for at least delaying the implementation of software patents in the EU. Yay!

Laws like this will only benefit the large corporations like Microsoft and IBM who will spend yet more lawyer dollars chasing programmers who they claim have infringed their patents. Of course any benefit is short term only as all new software innovation will be put to death by ninja lawyers - or at least smaller companies not being able to contest IBM's assertions they've infringed copyright.

The linked site is a chance to say thank you to the Polish Undersecretary of State for blocking the implementation of the Software Patent Directive. Hopefully if enough people express gratitude the EU may have a rethink. Probably not though as the law has been steamrollered through the EU Parliament despite overwhelming objections from all quarters. Only the corporations (and their lobbyists) have an interest in it's enactment.

via boingboing - check their post for more background info.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Monstrous. An online encyclopaedia of monsters.

Free PC tutorials, reviews, advice, help and more in issue 2 of Home Computer Magazine. via

FARK-What if Bin Ladin stopped releasing tapes and started releasing albums?

Comic Book Resources. Comic Book News, Reviews and Commentary.

Blink 182 Wallpapers.

The Syd Barrett Archives. via via
Why are the pretty ones always insane? - Chief Clancy Wiggum

There comes a time in most relationships that one of the two parties wants to end it - and about that time all hell breaks loose. This is a great example of that hell breaking loose.

As the story goes, I dated this older woman for about 8 months. We were pretty serious but had some communication issues. Well, as you'll see, she had no problem communicating her feelings.

Its hard enough getting over someone. When she leaves you in excess of 50 psychotic voicemails, it makes it even harder. So, lets have some fun getting over her by starting a web site. I hope you enjoy my personal pain as much as my friends have. All these voice mails are real. She left them on my cell phone. The times and dates are correct. She didn't even give me time to listen to some of the messages before she called back with another psychotic one!

Please share them with your friends. And above all else, let this be a lesson to you - run, don't walk, from a psychotic woman.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Belated Christmas Greetings

... and belated linkage to go with it.

First up, Google's Year-End Zeitgeist. Seems we're all set to photograph David Beckham and Britney Spears (in a mini-skirt) in a Ferrari using a Nikon digital camera if this is to be believed... Or perhaps we're all just watching it on The Simpsons.

Next up, don't make any plans for 25 years time. Just in case. It seems NASA's found a bloody great lump of rock hurtling towards us and it's expected to pass "quite close" 13th April 2029, with odds of impact set at 300-to-1 60-to-1. Don't forget to duck...

Kids misbehaving? This guy has an answer. He's ebay'd the kids Christmas Pressies. Allegedly.

Just a reminder of Weebl's Advent Calendar. SANTA SANTA SANTA!

An ironic way to spend that Christmas money. Wonder how long this link will work...

Broadband usage has now supassed dial-up in the Good Ol' USA.

And finally... The Lightning Project - from those nice chaps and chapesses at Mozilla - that plans to do for Outlook what Firefox did for IE.

A quick post-script goes out to the recently-mentioned, which now features some special festive outfits for Our Lord And Saviour.

Hope everyone had a top drawer Christmas, and that it was spent in sober, quiet contemplation and prayer, instead of how I spent mine!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Evening All The latest astronomic happenings and how you can observe them. via

Movie Mistakes. Films made in 2004. via

How does marijuana cause "the munchies?" via

Chewie the Rookie Wookie. via
OK, I'm cleaning out the garage, and what do I find? My old 45s, including this gem from 1977:

The Rebel Forces Band, performing "Chewie the Rookie Wookie" and "May the Force Be With You." They're so bad they're classic - from the time before Lucas started getting careful about what he licensed Star Wars for.

Lots of funny pictures including Computer technology for country folk via

Seeing as how there will be no midnight firework display for the new year here in Newcastle (yes i know we have some in the afternoon, it's not the same though) why dont your have your own display without being out in the cold and freezing your @r53 off.

Restoring the Corgi 267 BatMobile. I had one of these as a kid.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Top Gear Ford Fiesta Racing Game

One for anyone who is still around, probably no-one but there you go. Top Gear Ford Fiesta Racing Game. Quite a cool little game. via.

Merry Christmas readers and have a good one.

bungers Investigates™ : Cat Food Uncovered

Following the ILN linkage for 'feline curiosities' I discovered a very interesting article that uncovers some of the ingredients that go into pet food.

Cat Food Uncovered
In some places, ground-up cats and dogs can end up in pet food. Sanimal of Quebec, Canada mostly process pig and chicken, but rendered approx 18,200 kg of cat and dog flesh each week.
Later on in the article you'll discover that by increasing the quantity of vegetable matter in dog food, manufacturers of pet food have been responsible for the greatest mystery known today...
the characteristic white dog turds of yesteryear are rarely found; they were caused by weathering of dog excrement rich in bone meal.

Santa celebrates... FAA inspectors give his sleigh the green light to fly across the United States on Christmas Eve during a photo opportunity at Washington Reagan National Airport December 23, 2004. Secretary of Transport Norman Mineta was on hand to sign the waiver to allow Santa to carry out his travels.

...which brings us nicely to today's advent calendar!

I was gonna link you straight to Jah Rule reads the Grinch, from Jo Whiley's show in 2001. This has become an essential part of Christmas in my house for the last couple of years, but then I thought I'd get complaints from some of the older newlinkers who can't stand modern 'pop' music and all that is associated with it. ;)

So here's something else instead. Happy Christmas!

Season's Greetz Fly Out To...

If you've played around with computers long enough you know what chip tunes are. Before we all had 6 squillion channel sound cards most consoles and computers had a chip or two for producing sound. Talented musicians learnt how to screw the maximum out of these with some amazing music in a style that became known as chip tunes. These tunes didn't use samples but played notes with various effects programmed in.

So what's that got to do with anything? How about a free album of Christmas tunes in a scene stylee (hence the title of this post) with the tunes performed on a variety of old computers and consoles including several I've owned.

via boingboing

Hello :: Because, let's face it, dogs are GOOD FOOD!.

Feline Medical Curiosities.

JL's World of Pepsi. (via)

Simpsons T-Shirts. (via)

Steve, Don't Eat It! A blog that chronicles disgusting food experiments. (via)

Banned Aid from

Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive ARPAnet & Internet history. (via)

Stupid Gum Tricks! (via)