Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Best Games You Haven't Played

Wired have created a list of games they think "you" haven't played this year.
Which reminds me, get a copy of Katamari Damacy you will love it!


mmChronic said...

They'd be right. :)

I've played Metroid on GBA out of those. KD does look good though.

Merg said...

They'd be wrong then.

I've played quite a lot of Bejewelled 2.

It's a lot like... er... Bejewelled. Only with some flashier graphics. Fun.

mmChronic said...

New Year's Eve Pedantry:
Surely they'd be mostly right (90% in fact) if they name 10 games you haven't played and you had actually played only one of them?

This pedantic whine brought to you by dint of me being at work today. Fsck.

bungers said...


I've heard the ball rolling around game is lots of fun... has it had a UK release, or are you playing an imported copy...?