Tuesday, December 07, 2004

And our other primary aim...

...is to educate you, the great unwashed, about the doings of beautiful multi million dollar heiress Paris Hilton. This weeks tat-bits include..

A stapler signed by celebrity and reality television star Paris Hilton raised $4,100 for the Staples Foundation for Learning in the ?Staplers to the Stars? online charity auction.Here's the "who raised what" thing..
Paris Hilton, $4,104.
Jennifer Love Hewitt, $3,005.
Bill Gates, $3,005.
Tiger Woods, $1,030.
Donald Trump, $1,005.
Ringo Star (two staplers), $1,000 and $1,000.
Katie Couric, $850.
Rudy Giuliani, $805.
Cher, $800.

Paris Hilton Smells Nice
Thousands turned up at some department store to smell her.
She said, "Thank you guys so much for coming. This is so exciting, I'm so happy, buy my fragrance because it's sexy hot, you guys are too."
Paris to appear in South Park
Squillionaire heiress socialite Paris Hilton will be given the South Park treatment this week in an episode which asks the question "Who is the "Stupidest Spoiled Whore" in South Park?"

Which brings me straight on to today's advent calendar! Click on the window below!

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mmChronic said...

Yay for for time travelling posting! 10:28?

/sets BitTorrent to record South Park.