Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fantasy Football Month 3

Month 3 has now finished and Merg has won again - this time leading the field by six points. The full results are below:

1 Merg McMerg (53)
2 mmChronic (47)
3 iluvnufc (31)
4 Dogs Cogs (31)
5 Bungers Gifton (24)
6 Flip (23)

On the bright side (for me!) I can crow about the fact the best three month league table has now been produced and who is that sitting at the top? Why that'll be me! ;)

New season starts this Saturday 18th December - so make sure your team is sorted before then.


Merg said...

Bah, you're leading the cumulative table by a measly point! It's v. Premiership-like too -- You, Me, big gap, everyone else!

Rah! for me winning month 3.

bungers said...

I think I'm going to be having a word with some of my 'players'...

mmChronic said...

A point is all it takes - as '96 manure team. Twunts!

I wonder what Bungers' magic word will be?

Merg said...

Bungers: Cancel their Christmas party! <g>

As for a point... indeed. In fact, I was thinking of that when I wrote the above...

(And you're leading by a point despite never having won a monthly league! Gah!)