Thursday, December 09, 2004

Transformer Copier

No not something that copies Transformers but a photocopier that turns into a Transformer in retaliation for being kicked after it jams. There's a longer version (30 seconds long as opposed to 15 - it was cut for TV) available as a direct download here (RCSABB).

EDIT: This link has peen picked up by so hello to everyone dropping in and thanks to SV for linking us. We don't just do Transformers links - we have lots of Lego, profanities, Star Wars, tunnel exploration, Bush, the odd ninja or three and lots of other stuff.


bungers said...

Mystic bungers predicts that 2005 will be the year of the Transformer stylee adverts for everything.

I also predict ongoing trouble in the middle east, Leslie Ash and Neil Morrissey to be dropped from dreadful Homebase TV adverts and more famous dead people to die.

mmChronic said...

Could you have a squint at this for me please?

bungers said...

ho ho ho!

mmChronic said...

It seems we also hire out the Mystic Bung for kiddies Christmas parties too! ;)