Friday, December 10, 2004

The Glaikit Chef

Today's charver / chav / ned linkage is the Glaikit Chef which has lots of ned recipes. Of course these being Scottish Charvers you just know the recipes will include deep fried mars bars and Buckfast (a so called 'tonic' wine - brewed by English monks for Scottish alkies) and you won't be disappointed. Here's a sample recipe to get you started:
Kebab in the Hole
by Fanny Chops and Numpty

Take wan donnar kebab, fresh fae the Palace, Cambie Main Street, (and nae rammin' it up yir pal's keichy winker). Insert it in tae a cheeky wee man, ah mean, nan. Mind yir hot sauce noo, fir that classy taste (try no to get aw doon yir new Kappa, yir ma will kick yir erse). Now shove it into yir gub and you hiv kebab in the hole. It's kinday ah two fir'll be tastin' it again when you whitey it intae a bucket!!!!
Bon appetit!

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