Tuesday, December 28, 2004


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Why are the pretty ones always insane? - Chief Clancy Wiggum

There comes a time in most relationships that one of the two parties wants to end it - and about that time all hell breaks loose. This is a great example of that hell breaking loose.

As the story goes, I dated this older woman for about 8 months. We were pretty serious but had some communication issues. Well, as you'll see, she had no problem communicating her feelings.

Its hard enough getting over someone. When she leaves you in excess of 50 psychotic voicemails, it makes it even harder. So, lets have some fun getting over her by starting a web site. I hope you enjoy my personal pain as much as my friends have. All these voice mails are real. She left them on my cell phone. The times and dates are correct. She didn't even give me time to listen to some of the messages before she called back with another psychotic one!

Please share them with your friends. And above all else, let this be a lesson to you - run, don't walk, from a psychotic woman.


Merg said...

The Psycho Ex page is down - bandwidth exceeded. A shame, since it sounds rather amusing.

I wonder who owns the copyright on an answerphone message...

ILuvNUFC said...

Apparently the site was mildly famous 2 or 3 years back but it went down and the link i provided was where someone had preserved it because it was so funny. You could try the Inter-web Archive thingy.
Shame you missed it, t'was quite funny.