Saturday, December 11, 2004

DoctorVee has moved

DoctorVee has finally got sick of Blogger's frequent wobblies and has moved to a paid hosting service using WordPress. We, being the interweb's premier cheapskates, will put up with grumbling at Blogger for free!

He's also updated his blogroll to have the standard huge list of links and a top ten - and we didn't make the top ten despite the number of our links (fully credited of course) that he posts about! We must be like the relative no one wants to talk about - sitting dribbling in the corner and shouting profanities at random intervals. Oh the shame. ;)


doctorvee said...

Heh. I did consider adding New Links to the top ten. So I've added you now anyway. :D Infact, the original plan was to have a top ten percent, but that got sidelined because I couldn't be arsed counting how many links I had in my blogroll...

mmChronic said...

Cheers! :)

Our blogroll just lists in order of last updated so that the fresh stuff is at the top. We have the skinny button bar at the side too (which reminds me I need to get your new one - I've changed the link already though) which would have more in but not enough sites have them - I had to do most of the ones we have there and I just got sick of doing them.

So there's a tip for getting into the shiny blogroll at the top - make sure your site has an 80x15 pixel skinny button like this as well as being a decent read! ;)