Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hit Maps

I added a cool new thing to the sidebar yesterday but I've waited until now to post about it as it takes 24 hours to update. It's now updated so check out the map thing in 'You Came From' section. That is a map of where our visitors are coming from.

Hit Maps was developed for (a SETI@HOME style project for weather prediction) but they've allowed it to be used like this too. They record the page loads and IP addresses then once every 24 hours they translate the IP addresses to physical coordinates. Once the info has been collated it is plotted on the world map - the larger the dot the more visits from that area. You can click on the map to get a zoomed in version which can be clicked on again to zoom in even further.

via loads of the blogs I visit - I can't remember where I saw it first. Sorry!

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