Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Thank You, Poland

Thank you, Poland - and it's not for being part of America's truly international police force. It's for at least delaying the implementation of software patents in the EU. Yay!

Laws like this will only benefit the large corporations like Microsoft and IBM who will spend yet more lawyer dollars chasing programmers who they claim have infringed their patents. Of course any benefit is short term only as all new software innovation will be put to death by ninja lawyers - or at least smaller companies not being able to contest IBM's assertions they've infringed copyright.

The linked site is a chance to say thank you to the Polish Undersecretary of State for blocking the implementation of the Software Patent Directive. Hopefully if enough people express gratitude the EU may have a rethink. Probably not though as the law has been steamrollered through the EU Parliament despite overwhelming objections from all quarters. Only the corporations (and their lobbyists) have an interest in it's enactment.

via boingboing - check their post for more background info.

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