Sunday, December 26, 2004

Evening All The latest astronomic happenings and how you can observe them. via

Movie Mistakes. Films made in 2004. via

How does marijuana cause "the munchies?" via

Chewie the Rookie Wookie. via
OK, I'm cleaning out the garage, and what do I find? My old 45s, including this gem from 1977:

The Rebel Forces Band, performing "Chewie the Rookie Wookie" and "May the Force Be With You." They're so bad they're classic - from the time before Lucas started getting careful about what he licensed Star Wars for.

Lots of funny pictures including Computer technology for country folk via

Seeing as how there will be no midnight firework display for the new year here in Newcastle (yes i know we have some in the afternoon, it's not the same though) why dont your have your own display without being out in the cold and freezing your @r53 off.

Restoring the Corgi 267 BatMobile. I had one of these as a kid.

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