Thursday, December 09, 2004

Feds Bust Xbox Pirates

At first glance this seems like an over zealous bust for selling modded Xboxes (which I know is illegal under the DMCA but surely they have terruhists to catch instead?) but it seems the places raided had went one step further.

As well as modding the Xboxes with mod chips and bigger hard drives the shops were installing ripped games on the Xbox hard drive and displaying them as bundles in store! One customer even went in asking about the availability of a Gameboy cart and was shown it on the Xbox along with lots of of other carts.

Regular readers will know Iwe (well except for Dogs but he's just a hypocrite!) don't give a monkey's about piracy of games / music / films / whatever (see this and this amongst others) due to it being payback for years of ripping off from the other direction - I certainly buy more digital media than the average person so that's enough to salve my conscience. I don't however agree with people making money from piracy. Hopefully they'll be getting taste of this soon. Remember kids - don't buy your warez at a car boot sale - download them yourself.

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Merg said...


mmChronic said...

OK - if I had a conscience that was bothered about stealing IP it would be compensated by the amount of IP I buy. But you're right - my conscience doesn't care about IP theft one little bit.

So that must mean I'm in credit with my conscience - I'm off to stab someone in the eye to balance it up a bit.

Merg said...

I'm rather more troubled by the loss of rights - including those as intrinsic to civil liberties as freedom of speech - in order that corporations can continue to profit from "intellectual property" long after the originators have shuffled off this mortal coil, not to mention situations arising where IP organizations can close your site down by telling lies -- and have it upheld in court.

Interestingly, artistes do not believe the internet is a huge threat to them, but rather an opportunity.

It's all about control.