Monday, August 30, 2004

Why Piracy Is Good

Anyone who has been videogaming for long enough knows who Stuart Campbell is. He's been around since the beginning of videogaming in the UK and still hasn't gone away.

Whilst you may not always agree with what he has to say it's usually interesting at least. Here's a piece he's written on World of Stuart titled 'Why Piracy Is Good'. Some of his arguments echo ones used in the New Links 'Piracy / My Gaming Platform Is Better Than Yours' Mass Debate such as piracy has always been here and if it is truly harmful how come the videogames industry is so lucrative today instead of being wiped out circa 1983 but the real reason I've linked it is it is mainly how about emulation and piracy have helped bring gamers games that never saw the light of day - officially at least anyway.

On the page are links to Robotron 2084 for the ZX Spectrum which was never released. It was thought that no copies of the game survived so this game was lost forever. However Stuart had a copy on a C90 (remember the feeling as you jammed your newest C90 into the tape deck and hit play?), approached the author for permission to release it into the wild and now it's there for your gaming pleasure.

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