Thursday, August 19, 2004

New Links Olympic Coverage

I'm afraid we've been a bit lax in our coverage of the Greatest Gaming Event Known To Man (probably) having only had an Olympics inspired Flash game and erm... nowt else. So without further ado here's some Olympics coverage.

As we are banned from linking directly to the Official Olympics site you will just have to make do with Olympic Babes 2004.


Merg said...

Also ludicrous.

I seem to recall that (deep-)linking in Europe is legal but not in the USA.

We're in Europe but the server's in the USA.


bungers said...

Has anyone else noticed Sharon Davis' magnificent norks..?

That's what we should be covering..

Merg said...

Uncovering, surely?

mmChronic said...

If it's his hands we're talking about I'll go for covering... :)

Merg said...

Why do you want to cover his hands then?