Thursday, August 19, 2004

Medieval (and earlier) Maps of Britain

Interesting little collection of maps of Britain from the Roman era throught to medieval times. The main reason I've linked it though is because there is a map of Northumbria in the 8th Century which shows the extent of this soon to be reborn kingdom.

That should stop all this Northumberland / Northumbria confusion. ;)

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BykerSink said...

I can't see St Peters Basin anywhere?

Looks like Woody is off and have just posted on the subject. Head says "good deal" heart says "bollocks". Any thoughts?

bungers said...

SPB will be the seat of the new Goverment of Northumberland... ;)

mmChronic said...

We can't put the Govt there - it's right next door to our WMD manufacturing plant (the one cunningly disguisd as a waste reclamation plant) and it would be too risky to have senior members of the government anywhere near it.

BykerSink said...

Getting back to footy chat.

We don't need one player to replace Woody - we need two.

So how about: Huth (Chelsea) and Gabbidon (Cardfiff) - unless Spurs fancy parting with Ledley King.

My money would be on a player already lined up - and I think it'll be Huth.

mmChronic said...

I really hope it's Huth too. Then we can let God have his revenge for the stamping on his bollocks.

It means we'd have to find another defender but it'd be worth it. :)

Seriously though Huth isn't too bad at all, Gabbidon isn't bad either. The Chronicle was on about Gallas too.

I reckon whatever happens we'll get one replacement to ensure Fred and Doug get enough bonuses from the profit.

BykerSink said...

Just posted the following on a Spurs message board. I was bored and it's always fun to wind them up. Of course it's self penned and there is no truth in it.

King follows Carr to Toon

Newcastle United are set to slap in a £10m bit for Spurs' defender Ledley King.

Toon boss Sir Bobby Robson, mindful of the nearing transfer deadline, is already chasing a replacement for the departing Jonathan Woodgate.

Should Woodgate sign for Real Madrid, subject to a medical, then Robson is known to be looking for two central defenders to bolster his leaky defence.

His first target, according to club insiders, will be King who is believed to be interested in the move. It would give the England international the chance to team up with former colleague Stephen Carr who recently made the trip North. It would also fulfill King's ambition for regular European football.

Robson watched King last night as he starred in the England win at St James' Park against the Ukraine. Sir Bobby is known to be a long time admirer of the fast-improving defender.

Although it is not known whether new Spurs boss Jacques Santini would be keen to cash in on the player, sources within the club suggest he would be allowed to leave for the right price.

Robson is also believed to be keen on Chelsea youngster Robert Huth and is likely to use all the Woodgate cash - £13.4m - to prise both he and King away from their respective clubs.

With Newcastle set to play Spurs in the North East on Saturday, a move could be imminent. And while it is unlikely that any deal could be tied up in time for King to turn out as a Newcastle player, Spurs fans shouldn't discount the possibility of King watching proceedings from the Newcastle directors' box.

ILuvNUFC said...


King would be the one for me. I don't rate Huth enough, not much better than we already have.

mmChronic said...

Class! That'll have them frothing at the mouth. They owe use a star or two anyway as they've pinched a few of ours over the years.

You should give one of the tabloids a bell. Making up stories like that you'll be Sports Editor in no time. ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

I believe they owe us a star or two overlooks the fact that we sold them Kevin Scott, Ruel Fox(Double the money we paid for him) and regained our £6M for a fscked Sir Les(God bless his soul). To think they even paid us for kevin Scott is some kind of miracle.
I know we lost Gazza and Waddle to them but we would have lost them to someone else if not Spurs but who else would have took the first 3 i mentioned. :)

BykerSink : Can we have a link for Spurs or do i have to look for it?

ILuvNUFC said... - Messageboard

mmChronic said...

That fscked Sir Les just keeps on going though. :)

But yeah they've paid good money for crocks off us.

And a link would be nice so we can watch the Cockernees splutter. :)

mmChronic said...

Good hunting sir!

BykerSink said...

It's at:

Right now they're PAHing it a bit. But not sure whether they are trying to convince me or themselves.

ILuvNUFC said...