Monday, August 30, 2004

Paris Hilton ™!

© Paris Hilton ™It looks like Bungers' favourite celebrity heiress is moving her commercial empire into overdrive with the news that she is trademarking her name and to go with it has submitted the crown thing for her logo.

Bungers will soon be able to spend all his money on all sorts of Paris Hilton™ knick knacks which means we'll never see him on broadband. Probably.


Merg said...

We never will anyway with all these pants limited plans he's been looking it -- one good Paris vid and his bandwidth'd be gone for the whole month!

BTW, minor update to RSSMerg yesterday. The title-image stuff now works correctly in IE all of the time, instead of just when remote sites design to specify dimensions for it.

Major update fairly soon tho'


Anonymous said...

Woo! New stuff. :)

Bungers could always play mp chess. Or something.

mmChronic said...

Oops. That (if you couldn't tell) was me. :)