Thursday, August 26, 2004

Make 3D photos with your digital camera

In Engadgets regular How-To Tuesday feature they showed you how to make 3D images with your digital camera including links to the software required and a step by step tutorial on producing the images. In the new New Links Catch-Up Thursday feature we tell you all about it! There's your New Links compo of the weekend - best 3D image submitted (link in comments) by Monday gets... something. Probably.

Now we just need to find some of those 3D glasses to buy. Any ideas for getting them in the town? And no - buying the Shrek 2 DVD isn't a viable option!


bungers said...

lol! Catch-up Thursday!?!? hehehe..

I think we should be called "Yesterday's Links" or "What we missed on the tinterweb that you probably missed too.."

Merg said...

Try here and "mail your company details" for a free sample of their 3D red/blue specs.

Sorted. :)

Merg said...

... otherwise, if you're honest, try here - £5.99 for a pack of five.

Not seen anywhere selling them separately.

Merg said...

... or in true Blue Peter fashion you can make your own.

mmChronic said...

I think the dishonest option is probably the way to go! ;)

Merg said...

I've actually got a pair around here somewhere that I've had for years... :)