Thursday, August 19, 2004

Doom 3 Sales Affected By Piracy - Not!

All the hooha about the pirate release of Doom 3 ruining sales proved to be just that - hooha. Doom 3 is top of the UK PC sales chart and, according to the beeb, based on sales to date is the 5th fastest selling PC game in the UK ever - despite being widely available over a week before release. So a lot of hot air generated over nothing then.


Merg said...

... and yet, it's not all that good.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. It's me. Anon. And therefore free from accusations of hypocrisy ;)

Is it not more true to say that Doom3 is a popular game and therefore has high sales AND high piracy.

I just don't see how you deduce that, in a format undeniably rife with piracy, a high selling game = not affected by piracy.
That's not logical. A good game = high sales AND high piracy.

mmChronic said...


I just fscking knew you'd bite. Now get back to work you muppet! ;)